William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed – MILKING MEN

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed – MILKING MEN


RELEASE DATE:11 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 724 MB
Model:Dylan Reed


Dylan Reed has been blindfolded and shackled to a beam, dressed in just his underwear. He is soon joined by a hooded helper with a riding crop. Dylan feels a hand pulling on his nipples and feeling over him. A hand reaches into his underwear to feel his cock and then the crop runs over his body. It is used to pull the underwear down a little to expose some cock. Then that slim chest is slapped and a hand gropes the cock, releasing it from the underwear which is pulled off. The cock is wanked and some oil is applied to it. The oil is rubbed in as the dick is wanked more, as it starts to grow. That cock gets harder and harder as more oil is used. The balls are rubbed too, coating them in oil as well. The cock is slapped too. That big dick gets nice and hard as the wanking continues. Then the blindfold is removed from Dylan’s eyes. His stiff cock is wanked again as the balls get tighter. Dylan is moves onto his back, with his legs shackled in the air, to show off his hot ass hole. His stiff cock is wanked hard as his hot hole is exposed. That dick is taken right to the edge as it is wanked. The ass cheeks are squeezed and spanked a little too. That cock hard cock is wanked more as the tight ass hole is rubbed. A thumb slides into the ass hole too and fucks hard as the cock is edged more. That thumb roughly fucks the hot ass hole while the dick is wanked. The hot hole can take more and soon gets two fingers fucking hard and fast into it. The cock is wanked hard at the same time. With the cock right on edge the tender head it rubbed too. Then the shackles are removed and Dylan kneels as his rampant cock pokes out in front of him. More oil is applied and the cock is wanked. The balls get so tight too as the cock is taken right to the edge. Soon, with hard and fast wanking, the cock cant hold back and the hot cum flies out. The tender dickhead is rubbed hard as the cum is milked from it. Then the sticky hands run all over Dylan’s slim chest as he spent dick stays rock hard.

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