William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed – SPANKING

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed – SPANKING


RELEASE DATE:30 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 692 MB
Model:Dylan Reed


Dylan Reed is naked and gagged, as well as being shackled and on his knees. He struggles against the shackled as his tormentor arrives. Hands grab at Dylan as he moans. The hands slap on his chest and then his ass. The hand reaches through, from behind to feel Dylan’s cock and balls. Then that cock is wanked a little. The nipples are pinched and then slapped, as he struggles against the shackles. Hands spank on the ass and all over the sexy body. Dylan moans and writhes around as his ass gets spanked. Oil is dripped onto his dick and rubbed in. The cock is wanked and gets nice and hard. The hairy balls get tight as the cock is wanked. Dylan is moved, kneeling and presenting his ass and his tight hole. The ass cheeks are squeezed and spanked hard. They get spread too, showing off the hot hole. After being spanked that ass they feels a riding crop. The heavy hands spank on the ass and the cheeks redden as the crop lands hard too. Bent over Dylan’s hole is shown perfectly as the ass gets spanked harder too. The hole is oiled and soon feels a plug being shoved deep inside. That hole opens up and takes the butt plug, holding it in place as the ass is spanked. Then that pllug is roughly fucked in and out of the hole ass hole. Dylan moans as he feels his ass stretched wide and fucked so hard. The red ass cheeks feel the heavy hands landing repeatedly. The gag is removed from Dylan’s mouth too Then the plug is pulled out of his ass hole which gapes so nicely. His sore ass is spanked more. Two fingers dip deep into the hole and fuck roughly. Dylan is turned over, legs up leaving his ass exposed. His hole gets two fingers again and the ass and thighs are spanked hard. Then that hole gets stretched wide by a big, fat, dildo, on a pole. He is finally released from the shackles and is allowed to wank his dick. He wanks himself as the hand spank his chest. Soon the cum is released from the throbbing cock. The hands grab that dick and milk the tender heard, rubbing it and making Dylan squirm.

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