William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed – HOT ASS

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed – HOT ASS


RELEASE DATE:20 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 686 MB
Model:Dylan Reed


Dylan Reed lays on the sofa, bare-chested. He gropes himself as he watches a helper arrive. The helper takes control, reaching into Dylan’s pants to grope him. The pants are pulled down to reveal Dylan’s swollen cock. Then those pants are removed and his dick is wanked, getting it hard. The cock is lubed too as it is wanked. Dylan lays back and enjoys the feeling as his stiff dick is worked. But he is going to get much more. His legs are raised to expose his hot ass hole as his dick is wanked. The tight hole is lubed too, with fingers rubbing over it. That hairy hole is then probed by a finger that slips, easily, inside. The cock is wanked by one hand as a finger of the other fucks the ass hole. The finger opens the hole well as the stiff cock is wanked and then released. Soon two fingers stretch the hole as they push deep inside. The stiff cock is wanked hard too as the hot hole opens up to take the fingers. Dylan is turned over, onto his knees, presenting his ass hole. His dick is pulled back between his legs and wanked more. The ass hole gets more lube, ready for further action. A finger slips in and starts to fuck. Then two go in and fuck deep as the cock is wanked hard as well. That hole need more though and a fat dildo is shoved deep inside. The toy is fucked hard into the hole. When it is removed that ass hole gapes wide, wanting more. The big dildo is worked in and out of the hole, repeatedly, showing the gape too. Dylan is then placed on his shoulders, with legs over his head and his ass in the air. A larger dildo is then shoved deep into the hungry hole. It is fucked into that ass and pulled out. Still the hungry hole gapes, wanting more. It gets more too as the dildo fucks back inside again. When that hole is fully satisfied Dylan sits and leans back to have his dick wanked more. That cock gets hard as it is wanked. The hairy balls get so tight as the big cock is wanked hard. Soon Dylan can’t hold it in any longer and the cum flies out of the erupting dick. It shoots all over the sofa, and beyond. Then that dick is milked dry after a very hot scene.

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