William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed and Mito Kovac RAW

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dylan Reed and Mito Kovac RAW


RELEASE DATE:9 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 634 MB


Mito Kovac as blindfolded and shackled Dylan Reed. Both are wearing just some see-thru underwear as Mito feels over Dylan’s slim body. He slaps on the chest and gropes Dylan’s underwear. Mito’s dick is stiff and making his underwear tent and he pulls down Dylan’s. He grabs Dylan’s stiff cock and give it a quick suck too. Then he covers the cock again and slaps on Dylan’s chest. Next Mito releases Dylan’s cock again and he sucks hard on it. That dick is rock hard as Mito sucks and wanks it. Then he releases Dylan’s shackles. Dylan is soon on his knees sucking Mito’s throbbing cock. The fat cock is stuffed into his mouth and slapped on his face. Dylan sucks Mito’s balls too. Then Mito pulls down Dylan’s underwear and rims his hot ass hole. He spits on that hole and tongues it as he slaps the ass as well. Then he slides his fat cock into the hot hole. That big cock stretches Dylan’s hole as Mito fucks nice and deep. Mito works the hot ass with his throbbing cock. Dylan lays on his back and wanks himself as Mito continues to fuck him hard. Dylan keeps wanking as he takes the big dick up his ass. With Mito pounding that ass as hard as he can Dylan wanks until he shoots a huge load over his left thigh Mito keeps fucking hard until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls out to shoot his load onto Dylan’s tongue. The big cock is fed into the eager mouth to be cleaned off too.

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