Masonic Boys – APPRENTICE TANNER – The Interview – Ch 1

Masonic Boys – APPRENTICE TANNER – The Interview – Ch 1


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Apprentice Tanner didn’t consider himself to be a shy individual. He normally was out-going and playful with other people. But as he sat in the steel chair facing Master Barrett, he could not help but feel nervous and tight-lipped. And when the older man spoke, Tanner was uncharacteristically unsure of exactly how to answer. The initial interview questions were simple and easy enough to speak about, but the young man found himself mumbling his answers.

When Tanner had first been introduced to the Masonic Order, he was thrilled and honored. At that time, his confidence and intrigue were sky-high. But now, under the careful gaze of the calm and mysterious Master Barrett, Apprentice Tanner felt as humbled as he’d ever remembered. What if he failed to answer the man’s questions correctly? What if he couldn’t impress these massively impressive masters, all so wise, knowing and enigmatic?

Suddenly, Master Barrett stopped speaking. He sat very still in his immaculate white suit and tie and gazed at the young man for a quiet moment. Barrett had some more serious questions to ask the apprentice. And he wanted to know if Tanner could be completely honest with him. Seemingly out of nowhere, the older man asked Tanner if he were sexually attracted to men.

Tanner was completely thrown off guard by this turn of events. Confused and somewhat shaken, Tanner inwardly wondered why he was being asked about his sexuality. Up to this point, there had been no indication that the Masonic Order allowed such topics to be discussed. What should he say? Could he be perfectly honest? What if he told the truth and was cast out?

The next question Master Barrett asked caused young Tanner to tremble. Gently, the older man reached out with his hand and placed it on the boy’s knee. The touch was completely unexpected, but also somehow reassuring–and pleasurable! Tanner was intensely afraid that Master Barrett would notice and the interview would be over. Was it even remotely possible that this wholly attractive, graceful man’s touch meant something…more? Unthinkable. Tanner found himself tensing up and weakly denying an interest in men.

Unflinchingly, Master Barrett slowly removed his hand from Tanner’s knee and sat back. The older, wiser gentleman took a different tact. Now what he wanted to know was if young Apprentice Tanner could PROVE that he wasn’t excited by the idea of a man’s touch.

The boy was both shaken and derailed by this line of questioning. But an answer was expected and so answer he must. Young Tanner could only mumble an affirmation that he could prove not being excited by men– but deep down, the boy knew that Master Barrett could somehow tell that he wasn’t being completely honest.

“Stand up” was the sudden command.

The unexpected twists and turns of this alleged interview began to cause Tanner to wonder. What was the real reason that he’d been asked into these chambers?

“Remove your tie” was the next command.

Now a blend of surprise, confusion and curiosity filled the young apprentice. Tanner knew that his hesitancy up to this point absolutely must come to an end. He had been specifically instructed that he must obey and comply no matter what.

Apprentice Tanner swiftly removed his tie. The young man was not about to blow this special opportunity that he’d been given. Not everyone was as lucky as he to be in this situation. Tanner took a deep breath and awaited the next command.

“Remove your shirt”.

Master Barrett’s enigmatic gaze remained steady and consistent. His dark, soulful eyes remained unreadable even as Tanner’s hands began to shake ever so slightly as he slowly began to unbutton his shirt and take it off.

No sooner had Apprentice Tanner handed the shirt over to Master Barrett, when the holy man instructed, “now remove your belt”. Tanner’s eyes widened.

The young apprentice was less shocked by the command than he was by the ever-increasing difficulty he found to not get an erection. Now that his belt was off, the boy could only imagine what was coming next.

The anticipation caused Tanner to swallow hard and take another breath. Master Barrett remained perfectly calm and still. He showed no indication that he was aware of the lump slowly growing in the boy’s black dress pants.

If Master Barrett had any misgivings about the bulge in Apprentice Tanner’s pants, he showed no signs of it.

“Now remove your pants.”

Before he could stop himself, Tanner hesitated and started to say something, but quickly recovered his composure and promptly began to unzip his perfectly tailored trousers. The young man was acutely aware of how nearly fully erect his penis had become. A natural inclination to hide his erection caused Tanner to blush and make a modest attempt to cover his hardness with his hands, trying to adjust his now fully erect cock inside his skimpy white underwear.

Tanner was now experiencing feelings he’d never quite allowed himself to fully manifest within him. He was also pleasantly surprised at how much he wanted to allow himself to relax and enjoy these new feelings and sensations. And as though Master Barrett could somehow intuit the boy’s inner struggle, he gently indicated for Tanner to sit back down in his chair.

Now Master Barrett’s attention moved directly to the young man’s full-on erection. The underwear seemed to Tanner to be a moot point as his boy rod threatened to burst right through the meager cloth. The boy wanted to, but ultimately could not bring himself to look up at the older man– who now rose from his seat and walked around Tanner and stood silently behind him.

What was to happen now, the young apprentice wondered, as Master Barrett gently laid his hands on the boy’s shoulders and slid them down his chest. The suited man expertly traced his long, elegant fingers up and down the boy’s arms, shoulders and neck. Apprentice Tanner was electrified by this kind of attention. No one had ever before touched him in this way–so intimate and careful.

Master Barrett’s ministrations caused Tanner to sigh and gently, softly moan. The boy closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing. He wanted nothing more than to have the ever seductive and exploratory touch continue on. Tanner bravely touched and guided Barrett’s hand as the older man gently massaged the boy’s chest and torso.

In the next moment, Master Barrett commenced with his erotic exploration of the young apprentice’s body and suddenly pulled the boy’s arms back behind the chair. To Apprentice Tanner’s surprised amazement, the holy man procured a small, white piece of silk rope. A slight trickle of fear and perspiration crept over the boy’s mind and body. However, Tanner asserted to himself that trust and compliance were to be strictly administered in this situation.

Apprentice Tanner realized as Master Barrett bound his wrists together with the silk rope that the interaction with this man was in actuality a test disguised as an “interview”. The true nature of this experience was becoming more and more clear– Master Barrett had masterfully uncovered Tanner’s deepest secrets and desires. The young man realized, as Barrett now stood in front of him, what he had been suppressing all of these years– he needed a man to want him, to touch him, to take complete control.

All of Tanner’s fear and hesitancy vanished in the twinkling of an eye in that moment. And as though Master Barrett could detect this change in the apprentice, he moved beside the boy and put one arm around his shoulders and one hand on his inner thigh. Tanner’s sighs and moans increased in volume and intensity as Master Barrett stroked his inner thigh and then softly began to trace his fingers along the boy’s tingling, sensitive testicles. The feeling was outstanding and Tanner’s boy rod pulsated inside his underwear.

Master Barrett’s patient and calculating caress of Apprentice Tanner’s genitals made the boy cry out with erotic intensity. The young man fought the urge to thrash about and beg for the holy elder to release his now steel hard rod and give him blessed relief. However, Barrett’s agenda was not to be hurried along. The boy’s breathing was now just sharp inhalations and thrilled gasps.

Apprentice Tanner, in his new-found rapture, let his head fall back. He was delirious with primal need. As he moaned, Master Barrett took the young man’s head in his hands, leaned down and kissed him tenderly. It was exhilarating and astonishing to Tanner how adeptly and intricately the powerful man communicated while hardly saying a word.

Each deep, arousing kiss was followed by another. Both master and apprentice indeed had reached breakthrough. Tanner was completely overtaken by arousal and a wondrous sense of heightened sexual awareness. And Master Barrett was the boy’s one and only guide through these moments of passion and self discovery.

Finally, Master Barrett removed Tanner’s underwear and began to tease the boy’s hardon with his fingers, lips and the tip of his tongue. This activity was short-lived, however, as the older gentleman now procured a small amount of ceremonial oil and applied the warm liquid to Tanner’s throbbing boy scepter. Barrett slowly, languidly, stroked the panting, moaning youth.

All too soon, Tanner felt the inevitable orgasm begin to quickly rise within his loins. Master Barrett’s hand subtly moved faster and faster, gripping the slick, pulsating cock of the young apprentice until finally the boy came. The semen gushed and flowed like a hot river all along the holy man’s hands and fingers.

The interview had seemingly ended, but deep inside, Tanner was well aware that this was merely the beginning. A journey had just begun. Where he would be taken and how he would be taken through this exciting, mysterious journey only the Masters could know. And Apprentice Tanner could hardly wait.

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