Boy For Sale – THE BOY ETHAN – Chapter 4 – The Prize (with Master Barrett)

Boy For Sale – THE BOY ETHAN – Chapter 4 – The Prize (with Master Barrett)


RELEASE DATE:9 September 2022
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I knew I’d eventually want to own young Ethan. I’d found the boy, nurtured and groomed him, and watched as he was sold to the highest bidder on two separate occasions. But it was when Master Wheeler brought Ethan back to auction that I knew the moment had arrived.

Wheeler is a natural showman, but had gotten so horny while demonstrating Ethan’s finest qualities. In fact, he’d shot giant arcs of semen which flew right up into the boy’s eyes. I felt an intoxicating sense of desire and need. Money suddenly became no object. I had to have the boy. And I got him…

I immediately took Ethan to my hotel room and sat on the bed, legs spread good and wide apart, as he dutifully crawled towards me, never once taking his eager eyes off me. He’d changed surprisingly little since his boyhood was taken by his first buyer. He’d retained the same sense of wide-eyed innocence which had drawn me to him in the first place. He was more confident, more self-assured, perhaps, but that only served to make me want him more.

He knelt at my feet awaiting instructions, unable to prevent himself from running his hand expectantly over my thigh. I toyed with him, allowing my fingers to gently drift over his almost naked body. I cupped his chin with my hand, tracing the outline of his sultry mouth with my thumb. His lithe body was suddenly covered in gooseflesh. I could tell he wanted me very badly.

I slowly removed my suit jacket. He took it from me, carefully folding it and placing it down like a precious object. He knelt down again and I was overcome by a desire to kiss him. The kiss was passionate and lingering.

It felt like our lips had been drawn together by some sort of invisible magnetic force which would be almost impossible to pull away from. At that extraordinary moment, I couldn’t imagine a time when I would ever want to give him up. He was my discovery. My protégé. My beautiful boy.

I stood up and he unbuckled my belt and undid the fly of my pants before flirtatiously unbuttoning my shirt. I undid my tie and hung it around his neck. He pulled my shirt open and gasped appreciably at the sight of my hairy chest. There’s nothing a boy responds to more carnally than a symbol of pure masculinity like that. It clearly drove him wild.

I sat back down on the bed and we continued to make out. He hungrily kissed up and down my body, focussing on my nipples before heading deep south.

He immediately and somewhat greedily gobbled my big dick deep into his throat. The boy’s clearly been trained well by his previous two masters. He gives head like a true pro now. I could have slid in and out of him like that for hours.

He jumped onto the bed and presented his smooth little ass to me and I got my tongue right up there, both of us enjoying the sensation of my beard stubble rubbing over his smooth, silky ass cheeks and into his crack.

I knew I needed to fuck him.

Seeing Wheeler inside him had inspired me greatly and I was growing impatient for my slice of the pie. I pushed my hard dick inside the boy and he instantly began to groan in a state of pure pleasure.

The fit was exceptional. It felt like his cute, little ass had been tailor-made entirely for my pleasure. I ground my raw dick in and out of him, varying the pace and depth of my thrusts until he was panting like a pup in heat.

We tried every position under the sun, each felt somehow more intimate and more fulfilling than the last. I wanted every last inch of his body. He could have ridden me forever. We were utterly connected. Utterly entwined, both physically and mentally. With every thrust, however, I could feel myself getting closer to climax.

I had to cum inside him. He needed to be bred–to be branded. I don’t think I have ever shot so big and so hard. The boy was mine. And it felt good. Really good.

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