Boy For Sale – THE BOY TYLER – Chapter 1 – The Grooming with Master Barrett

Boy For Sale – THE BOY TYLER – Chapter 1 – The Grooming with Master Barrett


RELEASE DATE:26 August 2022
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Tyler was instantly impressed by Master Barrett. He’d never met anyone like him before. Barrett seemed so sophisticated and stylish, beautifully presented in his expensive suit and smelling fresh and clean in the dirty, summer air.

Tyler couldn’t believe the way that Barrett spoke to him. The older man was kind, interested and funny. He made Tyler feel important; a sensation he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt before. And yet, the more Tyler looked at Barrett, the more confused he felt. Questions filled his head. Why was this gentleman taking the time to speak to him? Why did he immediately feel so safe in his company? Why did his heart pound so hard when Barrett held his gaze?

The Boy Tyler had had a pretty bad start in life. His problems mostly boiled down to an overwhelming sense that he didn’t fit in. He came from a large family where he always felt almost entirely invisible, and he found it hard to make friends at school. He acted up a lot, mostly for attention, and when that didn’t work, he simply withdrew from the world.

Master Barrett found the boy sitting at a bus stop one evening. Tyler didn’t know where he was going. He just knew he needed to get away…

After talking for what seemed like an hour at the bus stop, Barrett asked if Tyler would like to come with him. Without even the merest sense of where they were going, the boy agreed.


They entered a dark room. Tyler felt a little uneasy as his eyes slowly became accustomed to the lack of light. Barrett guided the boy to the middle of the room before removing his suit jacket.

Tyler had wondered if Barrett’s kindness was motivated by sexual interest. Part of him even wanted that to be the case. Tyler didn’t consider himself to be gay. He’d only ever fooled around with girls, but he’d never really gotten into it. He’d always put this lack of interest in sex down to being an outsider, but there had been one or two occasions when he’d found himself looking at an older man and wondering…

When Barrett started to run his hand over Tyler’s chest, the boy instantly found himself becoming aroused. He loved the sensation of closeness and the feeling of the master’s minty-fresh, warm breath tickling his neck.

Tyler loved being the focus of the older man’s attention and enjoyed the shivery sensation of having the growing bulge in his jeans cupped gently by Barrett’s large hands. Tyler found himself gasping uncontrollably. His body began to tingle all over.

Barrett stood behind the boy and pulled his T-shirt up over his head, effectively blind-folding Tyler as he continued with his slow, sensual, full-body massage. The older man then tapped the bench in the center of the room and Tyler dutifully climbed onto it.

At that moment, Master Barrett knew the boy had yielded entirely to him. Tyler was now his to do with as he wanted.

The older man unbuttoned Tyler’s jeans and pushed his hand inside them before pulling the jeans off. He positioned the boy so that his back was arched and his pert, round ass was on full display.

Barrett slid the boy’s underpants down and nuzzled and tickled his ass cheeks with his nose and stubbly cheeks. The older man studied the boy’s virgin hole, feeling great excitement, but huge responsibility, at the thought of being the first inside. He reached between the boy’s legs and ran his hands slowly up and down the shaft of his cock, pleased to note that Tyler was now rock hard and throbbing with anticipation.

Barrett dripped warm oil onto the boy’s back and slowly massaged it into him. He did the same with Tyler’s ass cheeks, making the boy’s skin glisten like ripe fruit. The older man then encouraged Tyler to roll onto his back, parting his legs and running his slippery hands up and down the boy’s dick while staring wantonly into his eyes with a level of intensity which made Tyler blush.

Tyler had no idea how far this encounter would go. Every step of the journey was new ground for him, but each level felt better than the last… Being utterly naked while the master was still fully dressed ought to have felt disarming, but it seemed entirely natural to the boy. His only interest now was to please his sensuous new master.

Barrett continued to seduce the boy by touching him with such intimate softness that he started to shake uncontrollably.

The master pushed the boy’s legs into the air to expose his tight hole before gently running it over with his thumb. The boy gasped with pleasure – a gasp which became a moan as Barrett squatted down and started to push his tongue into the boy. Tyler couldn’t believe this entirely unfamiliar sensation. He felt his hole relaxing… opening up somehow.

Barrett stood the boy up and gently played with his big, stiff dick until Tyler was groaning in lustful ecstasy. He then pushed the boy back down onto the bench and rolled his legs up behind his shoulders, continuing to jerk Tyler’s dick before getting his tongue back inside his juicy hole again.

Master Barrett then pulled out a small dildo, which he carefully bathed in oil before very gently inserting it into the boy’s tight hole. Tyler gritted his teeth as it went in, his breath speeding up noticeably until it was fully inside him, at which point he started to relax again. Barrett jerked the boy’s dick and flicked the dildo until Tyler was writhing around in absolute pleasure, eyes closed, in an erotic trance.

Barrett whispered to the boy, telling him he wanted to see him cum. He encouraged Tyler to jerk himself, which the boy did keenly, rolling backwards so far that any semen which flew out of his dick would be bound to cover his face

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