William Higgins – Jonas Kaizer – MASSAGE

William Higgins – Jonas Kaizer – MASSAGE


RELEASE DATE:21 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 756 MB


Jonas Kaizer is due for a massage. He looks very good as he strips down to his underwear, showing off his sexy body. He lays, face down, on the bed in just his boxers. The masseur soon arrives and kneels next to Jonas. He takes oil into his hands and starts to massage Jonas’ shoulders. The oily hands glide over the shoulders as they massage deeply. Jonas’ neck is massaged too as the shoulders are worked. The hands work down the back a little too, and then each arm, in turn, is bent up the back as the shoulders are massaged more. Then Jonas’ back is massage lower as the hands glide all over. As the lower back is massaged the fingers slide into the boxers a little as well. The boxers are lowered to show off the shapely ass cheeks. They are massaged as well. Soon the boxers are removed completely and more oil is used as the hot ass is massaged. The oily hands work down Jonas’ thighs too and keep going until the feet are reached. The soles of the feet are oiled as they are massaged deeply. After that Jonas’ legs are spread as attention moves back to the sexy ass. His cock and balls are shown back between his legs as the ass cheeks are oiled again. A hand reaches down to wank on the fat cock which is rock hard too. Then the hands spread the ass cheeks to fully exposed Jonas’ tight hole. Oil is dripped onto the hole and a finger rubs it in. The finger dips into the tight hole and starts to fuck in and out. The finger fucks the tight hole, pulling out and then going back in again. Jonas’ stiff cock is wanked more too as his sexy ass is rubbed. Then he moves onto his knees, which spreads the ass naturally, showing the hot hole perfectly. The hole is oiled more to. The fat cock is pulled back to be wanked more too as a finger fucks into that tight hole. Soon the wanking gets faster and two fingers slide deep into Jonas’ ass hole. The fingers come out and the hole is examined again. The fat cock is wanked more as a vibrator is fucked into Jonas’ ass hole. That toy works easily into the hole. The hole gets fucked hard by the toy. The hole gapes as the toy is removed. Jonas’ cock is wanked more as that toy is fucked hard into the eager ass hole. With that hole loosened a big, fat, dildo is used to stretch it further . The dildo is fucked deep into the ass with Jonas taking it so well. The hole gapes more when the dildo is removed. Then Jonas turns over and lays on his back. More oil is used on his swollen cock which is then wanked more. The balls are caressed too as that fat cock is wanked. The wanking gets faster and the balls get tight too. Jonas’ soon says he is about to cum and the cock gives up the thick, creamy, load. Every last drop is milked from that cock to end a very fine massage.

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