William Higgins – Jonas Kaizer – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Jonas Kaizer – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:12 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 635 MB


Jonas Kaizer lays on the bed and feels over himself as he is joined by a helping hand. Then helper starts to feel over Jonas’ clothed body. A hand reaches under the tee shirt, raising it, to feel the hot torso. The pert nipples are shown too and then Jonas’ tee shirt is removed. A hand rubs all over the sexy chest and down to the groin. The jeans are then opened and a hand reaches inside. Jonas’ rock hard cock is pulled out of the jeans and oil is dripped onto it. A hand rubs the oil over the stiff cock as Lubos lays back and enjoys it. Then his jeans are lowered to expose the cock and balls fully. More oil is applied to the throbbing cock which is wanked. The cock is wanked hard and the balls are rubbed too. Then the jeans are removed completely and more oil is applied to the stiff dick. As the cock is wanked the balls are caressed as well. Lubos’ legs are raised to expose his hot ass hole as well. That hairy hole has oil rubbed over it. The cock is wanked by one hand as the other rubs the hot hole. Then a finger is fucked deep into that tight hole. It fucks knuckle deep into the hole as the stiff cock is wanked more. Soon two fingers push into the tight hole and fuck deep. The cock is wanked hard as the fingers stretch the hole wide. The fingers come out and a thumb slips easily into the hole too. Then Lubos turns over and presents his ass as the thumb goes in again. The cock is pulled back between the legs too as it is wanked more. Two fingers fuck hard into the hole, pulling out and shoving in again. After that hot ass has been worked enough Lubos turns over and lays on his back. His stiff dick is oiled again and wanked more. Lubos moans as he is wanked. The moaning gets louder as that cock dispenses the thick, creamy, cum. That cum clings to the big cock head as it is milked dry.

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