William Higgins – Dmitry Osten – EROTIC SOLO

William Higgins – Dmitry Osten – EROTIC SOLO


RELEASE DATE:22 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 692 MB


Dmitry Osten lives in Brno. He is aged 38 and is an actor. When not acting Dmitry enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. He looks wonderful relaxed as he sits in the chair for his interview which he conducts in English. He shows off his huge smile as he answers the questions. He is very confident as he chats iwth the interviewer, baring his chest too. He kneels on the chair and flexes his biceps, talking about his sexy body. Then he takes off his shorts and then the underwear too, showing off his cock and balls as well as his bush. Kneeling on the chair he wanks his cock a little and then stands to do a helicopter with his swollen cock. He flops the cock up and down and from side to side. Then as he wanks his cock Dmitry turns around and kneels to show off his hot ass. he arches his back to show off his hot hole to. Reaching back he plays with his hot hole too. Then he sits in the chair and wanks his big cock. The balls tighten too as that big cock is wanked. Dmitry moans as well as he wanks himself. As he wanks that dick Dmitry spits on it to keep it lubed. He reaches down too and plays with his hole. He then lifts his legs and shows off the tight hole as he rubs it. He probes that hole with a finger as he wanks his big, hard cock. Then the hole is spread wide as both hands pull on the ass cheeks. Sitting up again Dmitry keeps wanking hard on his cock. He licks his biceips and rubs saliva over his hairy pit too. Then he kneels on the floor and presents his hot ass again. He spanks his ass and fingers his hole some too. After spreading that ass wide and delighting in showing it off, Dmitry turns and kneels as he wanks his big cock. He continues to wank himself until the creamy cum is expelled from his cock, onto the floor. Then Dmitry sucks the cum from his fingers too. After that he goes off to the shower to clean up

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