William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dmitry Osten – HOT ASS

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dmitry Osten – HOT ASS


RELEASE DATE:15 November 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 599 MB


Dmistry Osten looks so hot as he sits between the helper’s legs. He just has to reach up and feel the helper’s chest too. Dmitry’s chest is quickly bared too and hands run all over it. Dmitry is very compliant as he lays on the sofa to have his pants removed. His underwear bulges with his cock already hard inside. The hands grope that bulging underwear and feel Dmitry’s chest. The balls are released from the underwear and a hand rubs them. Then Dmitry is turned so his hot ass can get a few spanks. He hold his legs up as his ass is rubbed with the underwear wedged in his crack. Then the legs are lowered and the underwear is removed, releasing Dmitry’s cock and balls. Oil is dripped over them and a hand rubs the oil in. The stiff cock is wanked and Dmitry can’t resist reaching down to rub his hot hole. He moans as he enjoys the feeling in his stiff dick. Then he lifts his legs into the air, showing off his hot ass hole as he also wanks himself. lube is used on that hole, fingers rubbing over it. Dmitry wanks as a finger slides into his hot ass hole. That finger is fucked in and out going nice and deep. Dmitry holds his legs up so his hole can be worked by the finger. Soon two fingers stretch the hole wider. They work easily into that eager hole as Dmitry wanks himself. That hole loves being worked and Dmitry moves onto his knees, presenting the ass for more action. A butt plug rubs over the hole and slap against it. Then the plugi is pushed against the hole, gradually opening it up. That toy is fucked in and out as the hole relaxes to take it all. Dmitry keeps hold of his dick as the plug is worked into his ass. That hot ass gets it real good, stretched wide and fucked deep by the plug. Then the cheeks are spread to show the hole and Dmitry reaches back to finger himself. His hole is so hungry and soon gets a dildo shoved deep inside. The dildo is fucked in and out of the hot ass. Then Dmitry is on his shoulders, ass hole in the air. He wanks himself as his hole is lubed and then gets more of the dildo. That hole gapes too when the ass is spread. Fingers work in and out as well as Dmitry keeps wanking. Then he lays on his back and wanks hard, moaning loudly as he shoots his cum after a good ass hole workout.

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