Masonic Boys – Apprentice Foster – Chapter 1 – Disciplinary Action

Masonic Boys – Apprentice Foster – Chapter 1 – Disciplinary Action


RELEASE DATE:29 October 2022
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Even before I officially entered the Order, I had already learned a great deal about what exactly it meant to be a part of it and what that would entail. To most, Disciplinary Action would sound like punishment. But here in the Order, it is simply a reminder that all that we do, and all that we experience is to serve a higher purpose. Physically, it is to stand alongside my brothers (the other Apprentices) in the Order and to learn from the elders (our Masters and Grandmasters) how we fulfill that purpose by serving and servicing them.

Historically, discipline has always been defined as training under some sort of tutelage or authority. It also means to be able to control oneself. Here at the order, it is a combination of all of these. The idea of it being a reprimand, here, it means more of a warning. But even if it were a punishment or reprimand – I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been looking forward to it ever since I learned what being an Apprentice in the Order meant.

For some, giving up their physical body to be used in honor of the Order and its divine purpose may sound like a nightmare considering all the work it takes and what you have to give up. But for us apprentices, and the Masters themselves who were once in our very shoes, it is an absolute honor.

My Disciplinary Action will be administered by Master Kamp. I have seen him around plenty, and have had the privilege of hearing him speak, but the idea of being one on one with him in one of the ceremonial dark rooms makes my entire body buzz with excitement. Although I know he can’t state it explicitly, I hope that by the end of the Action he is left feeling proud of me and the fact that I have come into the Order with as much knowledge as one can attain before actually experiencing it from within.

As I walk into the room I stand next to Master Kamp as he sits in the red chair. He looks stately, confident, and assertive. Exactly what you would expect from a man of his station. He asks me if I know what to expect, and I let him know respectfully that I do. I try my best to hide my excitement. He asks me to lay over his lap, and as I comply I hope I’m not too obviously eager.

He adjusts me over his lap by grabbing me by my thighs, and then begins the Disciplinary Action. He gives one of my cheeks a rub before raising it and bringing it back down forcefully. He repeats the action on my other cheek, and then back and forth from one cheek to the other. I don’t even realize my grunts are actually moans, and I feel him begin to slap harder. My moans turn into actual grunts, but within them, the moans remain nonetheless. What is eliciting this? Although I am aware that Disciplinary Action will serve me well in the future within the Order, there seem to be new feelings arising alongside my general excitement of being a part of this Brotherhood.

What happened next was an even bigger shock. When I got up, Master Kamp asked me to remove my pants. I hesitated briefly, simply to ask if I had heard that right. I haven’t ever heard of this as being a part of the rituals before. A part of me feels bad for having to make him repeat himself, but I’m hoping that my swift compliance makes up for it, and I find myself hoping that he does sense my eagerness and willingness. Again, though, there seem to be new feelings swelling up inside me along with my yearning to be a fulfilling Apprentice. He asks for my belt.

Now only in my special undergarments, he asks me to lay back over his lap again. He continues the ritual, this time slapping each cheek with my belt with only one thin fabric layer protecting my skin. After several smacks with the belt, he switches to using a paddle. My grunts, even louder now, still have a moan mixed in. As I try to stifle them (so he doesn’t notice the latter) I try to process their meaning in the moment.

I feel him tug my undergarment down slightly. I should feel fearful, but I don’t. Instead I let myself go and just let it happen. I can feel inside myself though, that I want it to happen. He takes the paddle to my bare butt now; I have lost myself in it all and surrender. Whatever sounds I am making, I now know they are the right ones, and all in service of my Master, and further – in service of the Order. When he finishes he lets me stand up, but asks me to remove my shirt next. Again, he asks that I lay back over his lap.

I am beginning to see the clearer purpose here. The Disciplinary Action grows more forceful as I become more vulnerable. The vulnerability here changes with my various states of dress and undress. Master Kamp continues the ritual, smacking my bountiful bare cheeks with the paddle again. He asks me if I like it, and if I want it. I reply in the affirmative, I know my purpose.

He then does something rather unexpected, something I wasn’t aware of was a part of the ritual. He reaches under me through my undergarment and grabs my balls, pulling at them. He continues the ritual using both the paddle and his bare hands to smack my now fully red cheeks. I realize my moans and grunts are of pleasure; I am finding pleasure in serving the Order. Master Kamp continues the ritual, alternating between smacking my butt and grabbing my balls. I feel that he has applied oil to his hands and between the smacks of the ritual he begins to stroke my penis. Another surprise to be certain, but as with the smacks I felt immense pleasure and pride that I was doing this in service of the Order. I had always thought this was a sin, but now I realize that was only because I had been doing it alone and not within the parameters of the Order.

My penis is completely hard now, the idea of serving both Master Kamp and the Order making it engorge fully. He is both forceful and methodical in milking me, letting me know he wants me to reach my climax. All these new feelings, these new revelations, and simply the idea of serving elicit an entirely new and unrelenting sense of excitement and pleasure. Before I even know it’s happening, my hard penis begins to squirt, my moans louder than I thought they could ever get.

Master Kamp instructs me to stand up, and I do. He reaches down to where I shot my milk and scoops some of it onto his fingers. He reaches up and touches my bottom lip with the jism-covered fingers and inserts them into my mouth, making me taste it. This lets me know that I have received the Disciplinary Action as I was supposed to. He is proud of me. I am exhausted, but I am already looking forward to my next one.

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