Boy For Sale – The Buyer’s Group – Chapter 10 – Party Favors

Boy For Sale – The Buyer’s Group – Chapter 10 – Party Favors


RELEASE DATE:16 December 2022
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The buyers group rarely meets these days. So when we do, we make sure to have our best boys in stock.

Today’s list of boys includes veteran Slaveboy Cole, who has a face as perfect as his tight pink hole and is a consistent crowd favorite among the buyers.

Next up on our roster are boys Chase and Clayton, both just recently groomed by Master Kamp himself. Chase, the lean, handsome-faced twink eager to be dominated by powerful men in any way he can, has been yearning to serve since his first grooming experience. Clayton, the all-American dream-boy, is someone the fellow buyers have been trying to get their hands on ever since they laid eyes on him.

Master Kamp felt Clayton needed a little extra push after his first grooming in order to properly enroll him, so he was an obvious choice for our party today.

Lastly, we have boy Serg, our freshest face. He bears both the heart of a submissive as well as a flexible gymnast’s body ready to bend in any way imaginable.

After organizing our roster of boys this evening, our silent partner—Master Houser—decided to join in on our festivities. Being one of our top sponsors, he tends to stay in the shadows, but the irresistible bodies of today’s boys drew him out into the light.

Serg seems comfortable on all fours as he massages Master Kamp’s soles. The Masters agree on the quality of tonight’s inventory. The boys gravitate to their Master’s cocks while they themselves grow harder inside their jocks.

Following instructions, Boy Chase pulls out Master Legrand’s cock, which is one of the biggest in the group of buyers. Chase sucks down the entirety of Master Legrand’s length as the handsome, powerful man takes another sip of his drink. Legrand looks down at his eager young boy having a feast, and praises his expertise.

Master St. Michael pulls his pants down for boy Clayton to get a taste, and next to them Cole’s mouth is getting fucked by Master Houser’s throbbing cock. Master Kamp has the best view of all — he can see the whole roomful of boys down on their knees, pleasing their buyers. What’s more, he’s witnessing all this as he gets his own cock worked on by Serg.

Boy Cole stands up and turns around so Master Houser’s tongue can warm his pink hole, lubing him up for the rest of the Masters to enjoy. Legrand starts to play with boy Cole’s cock while Houser eats his hole, moaning in pure ecstasy as Master Legrand pulls out his Slaveboy’s fully hard cock.

Boy Chase gets up and starts to put his tongue down Cole’s moaning throat. Boy Clayton, being rimmed deeply by Master St. Michael, watches the pleasure on everyone’s faces, adding his own as his joy grows by having a long tongue inside the walls of his hole.

Master Legrand gives Boy Chase a discreet signal and his boy pounces into position. The master pushes his cock towards Chase’s obedient hole. The boy lets out a sigh of ecstasy as the tip of Legrand’s throbbing dick enters this freshly groomed hole.

Pretty soon, boy Cole and boy Clayton follow suit on their respective Masters’ cocks. Cole, being the veteran he is, gets his pounding as soon as he’s entered, shutting his eyes tight and moaning loudly as Master Houser’s thick cock goes in and out of his hole.

Clayton, having only been recently groomed, slowly sits down on his master’s cock. Master St. Michael stretches the almost-virgin hole as his cock slowly slides up the deepest parts.

The boys start a rotation as boy Serg gets up from sucking on Master Kamp’s member to getting his hole split by Master Legrand’s pulsating cock. Clayton, now working on Master Kamp’s stocking feet, pushes them up against his face as hard as he can. He smells the scent through the thin layer of fabric separating his face from the foot. He hears the three other boys being pounded in the background, as he soon will be, too, once another rotation begins.

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