BoyFun – Dream A Little Dream Of Meat – Danny Garcia & Jean Gillian

BoyFun – Dream A Little Dream Of Meat – Danny Garcia & Jean Gillian


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Smooth and sexy little Danny Garcia has a persistent problem and it’s very obvious in his snug little red cycling shorts, his cock like a bike pump, long and stiff under the taut material. The boy is massaging his length and thinking about some very hot BoyFun with equally gorgeous Jean Gilliam.

And with a swishing of our vision we join the pair in his fantasy, their lips locked in a romantic smooch as their boners throb in their shorts, the two sporty young guys soon revealing their delicious young dongs for mouths to slip down and tongues to get to work.

The tender slurps and sucks soon become more when their clothes are fully stripped away, their smooth and youthful flesh meeting as Danny eases his naked cock between the mounds of Jean’s ass, pumping past the snug pucker and being welcomed into his warm velvety hole.

With a little humping from behind Jean is clearly eager for a ride, his cyclist rump sliding down on the offered boner, his own swollen cock swinging while he bounces on the warm length inside him.

The boys take a little break to wank and kiss some more but soon enough it’s time to ride to the finish line, young Jean on his back with his cock desperate for release as Danny fucks his hole with increased determination.

Finally, with boners straining for release and their cum loads ready to burst Danny heads up to drench his friend’s smooth body with his copious cum load, splashing his warm cream all over in an impressive display that soon has Jean joining in with his own far-reaching jizz spurts.

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