BoyFun – Sneek A Peek – Danny Garcia and Finn Harper

BoyFun – Sneek A Peek – Danny Garcia and Finn Harper


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Finn Harper is home alone, or so he thinks, when his urge to jack off takes over and he can’t help but release his throbbing young erection from his tight little undies. Danny Garcia just happens to be walking by on the balcony outside his bedroom window when he peers in and gets a good view of the gorgeous young man’s solo BoyFun.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Finn is more than happy to have an admirer, especially when the young voyeur accepts his invitation to enter and join in. Danny isn’t going to say no to an offer like that and with a quick lippy greeting his own delicious dick is soon out of his pants and in Finn’s greedy mouth.

It seems Finn really knows how to welcome a guest and with a taste of Danny’s swollen nob his own gorgeous length is getting the same kind of slurping in return.

With both boys naked and their appetites enflamed adorably Finn takes his opportunity to impale his perfect little ass down on his guests bareback inches, riding Danny’s raw cock while his own stunning penis bulges and swings with delight, sliding his pucker up and down on the guests’s erection.

Buggered from behind and rammed on his side Finn can only take so much before his penis needs to start spurting, grabbing his dick and wanking himself off to get that semen shooting out and up his sporty young body.

Danny is quickly ready with his own gooey mess, jerking his pleased meat and unleashing his own thick and warm spooge all over Finn’s freshly fucked ass, his hairy hole smeared with the juicy mess.

Now that Finn knows he has such a friendly neighbor nearby he’ll rarely have to wank off alone again.

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