Boy Fun – Nature Trail Tease – Jake Olson and Johnny Polak

Boy Fun – Nature Trail Tease – Jake Olson and Johnny Polak


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Not all boys are glued to their phone screens and computer games, some still find the time to enjoy the great outdoors and take in the natural wonder surrounding them. Adorable young couple Jake and Johnny are our for a stroll on a brisk spring morning when their urge to engage in some alfresco BoyFun takes over. Perhaps it’s the romantic nature of the sprawling scenery, or maybe it’s just that these two young guys can’t hardly keep their dicks out of each other’s mouths at the best of times? Whatever the cause, Jake is soon up against a tree with his incredibly long and deliciously hard cock in his cute lover’s wet and welcoming mouth. The location is secluded enough, but the boys still have to be careful of passing walkers while they swap their delicious boners, it’s perhaps no wonder the two decide to save the real action for when they get back home. The warm and plush surroundings of the bedroom allows the two to really get to work, stripping naked to reveal their smooth and tight bodies for each other, quickly becoming reacquainted with their boners as they continue to suck and lick each other in turn. After so much oral teasing it’s no wonder Johnny is eager to slide his hot little hole down on his friend when Jake’s long cock is offered. He rides that probing shaft with clear skill, his own cock bouncing up and down with every slip along the naked shaft. On his back for some deeper probing young Johnny is quickly on the edge of climax, his cock rigid with pleasure as their moans of ecstasy escape their lips. There’s just enough stamina in the tank for the handsome lad to take a second ride on Jake’s warm shaft, this time in reverse-cowboy position. Jake is in heaven, he can’t hold on much longer with his buddy easing his raw hole up and down his sensitive schlong, pulling out just in time to splash his milky cream. Johnny is almost there, but the feel of Jake’s spent and sticky cock sliding right back up into his well-worked teen hole is what ultimately has him erupting his own copious load over himself. It’s a perfect end to a lovely stroll in the countryside.

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