SayUncle X BoyFun – Tourist Tap – Jesse Evans & Johnny Polak

SayUncle X BoyFun – Tourist Tap – Jesse Evans & Johnny Polak


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Jesse Evans has been enjoying the sight with sexy Johnny Polak, but after walking around the city for a couple of hours they can’t wait to get some time alone together. Heading back to the apartment the boys are soon making out, they don’t even get beyond the dining room before Johnny has his long uncut dick out for some BoyFun. Jesse is quickly on it, sucking his friend while his own erection throbs and oozes in his underwear. Johnny’s shaved cock gets a great servicing from his friend, his hairless balls hanging between his legs and gently churning up a good load for eventual release. Of course, there’s a lot more to enjoy before then, including blond boy Johnny getting his fill of hard young boner when he gets to work on his friend’s equally stiff erection. They’re so perfectly matched for each other, in cock size and hunger for it too, but their love of sucking dick isn’t the only thing these two have in common. With Johnny’s ass up and ready to be licked Jesse gets his mouth between those cheeks and sets to work, his wet mouth pleasuring his buddy’s hole ready for his long naked shaft to slip inside. It’s not an easy task, Jesse has an impressive dick that even a greedy boy like Johnny needs to take his time with, but soon enough he’s getting it good from his pal and loving every thrusting second of it. Filled from behind and riding his friend too, Johnny ultimately ends up on his side with some awesome reach around action, the feel of that big dick prodding his prostate and the stroking of his long dick taking him over the edge. Jesse pulls out to stroke himself off, watching Johnny’s cock gushing cream, encouraging him to aim his meat and launching a glazing wad all over Johnny’s balls! It’s a perfect end to a beautiful visit to the city.

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