William Higgins – Vitali Kelin vs Adam Junek – WRESTLING

William Higgins – Vitali Kelin vs Adam Junek – WRESTLING


RELEASE DATE:24 December 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 893 MB


Adam Junek is paired against Vitali Kelin for a wrestlsing match. They both look so good as they do some stretches to loosen up. Then they begin the match. Grappling with each other they fall to the floor and roll around as each tries to gain a hold. They quickly pull off the underwear of each other and continue naked. With asses fully exposed and cocks flapping around as they wrestle each guy tries for a hold. Adam manages a very good neck hold that gains the first submission. Then they each take a drink before starting round two. Again the bodies are quickly closely entwined as they grab at each other. Vitali prevails this time to level the score. In round three Adam is able to get another very good neck hold to score again. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. With the bodies slick and glistening with oil the guys resume the match. Sliding easily over the mats as they try to gain a hold they grapple with each other until Vitali submits again. He doesn’t stop trying though, and works hard in the next round. But it is to no avail as Adam manages to take the victory. Then they settle down to wank. With cocks hard they wank each other for a short time too. They continue wanking with Vitali the first to unload. He milks his cock dry as Adam continues to wank. Then when he is spent they go off to the shower to clean up.

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