William Higgins – Viktor Butt – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Viktor Butt – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:15 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 582 MB


Viktor Butt reclines on his elbows as a helping hand arrives. The helper runs hands over Viktor’s slim and sexy body, feeling through his clothes. The hands open Viktor’s jeans and one reaches in to grope him through his underwear. Then the jeans are pulled off, revealing the bulge in the underwear. The bulge is rubbed and Viktor’s balls are released. The stiff cock is soon exposed too, pulled out of the leg of the underwear. The hands grab that stiff cock and start to wank on it. Then Viktor’s balls are squeezed too. The cock is wanked as it stands proudly to attention. That big cock is a true two-hander and is wanked by both. The underwear is removed as Viktor raises his tee shirt to show his sexy chest. Oil is applied to the tock hard cock. The big dick is wanked more as the balls get tight as well. The big cock is so hard as it is wanked. The big balls are rubbed too. Then Viktor’s tee shirt is removed too. He lays back and raises his elgs to expose his hot ass hole as his cock and balls are oiled more. The big cock is wanked as fingers rub over the tight hole. More oil is used as hands rub all over the sexy ass. Then as the cock is wanked a finger rubs the oily hole and soon slips inside. The finger gently fucks the hot hole as the massive cock is wanked hard. Viktors dick stays so hard as the hole is fingered deep. He turns over, onto his knees. The big dick is pulled back between the legs to be wanked more as the hot ass hole gets fingered again. That hole is oiled more and fingered knuckle deep for a while. Then Viktor turns over again, laying back to have his dick wanked. The wanking gets harder as that mighty cock stands proud. With the balls tightening the big dick soon releases all that creamy cum. The cock is milked dry and the tender hear is rubbsed making Viktor squirm with delight, to end a great scene.

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