William Higgins – Uwe Weber – EROTIC SOLO

William Higgins – Uwe Weber – EROTIC SOLO


RELEASE DATE:27 April 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 735 MB
Model:Uwe Weber


Uwe Weber s aged 25. He lives in Prague and is a student. In his spare time he enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He sits on the sofa cupping his groin as he answers some questions. Then he stands up, as directed, and removes his sweater to show off his hot chest. He feels over the sexy chest and plays with his nipples. Then Uwe opens his jeans and takes them off. The underwear is removed too, exposing a very nice cock and balls. Taking hold of his cock Uwe starts to wank himself, while feeling the nipples too. That cock gets rock hard and pokes out in front as Uwe works his hips so the cock flaps around. Turning around he shows off his sexy ass. He reaches back to spread the ass and to show off his hot hole. He rubs a finger over his hot hole before turning around and wanking some more. He chats too, with the crew as he wanks, talking about butt plugs. He wanks his cock, squeezing the balls too. Then Uwe lays back on the sofa with is legs in the air. That shows off his hot ass hole and the soles of his feet as he wanks his cock. He rubs oil over his ass hole and probes it with a finger as he continues wanking. The finger slides deeper into the hole as well as he fingers himself. Then Uwe spreads the ass cheeks wider to show off that inviting hole. He fingers the hole more and then turns over, onto his knees, and wanks down between his legs. He plays with his hole more too as he wanks. The finger rubs over that hot hole as he pushes his dick back through his legs. The stiff cock is wanked more as Uwe shows off his hole. Then, kneeling on the sofa he wanks hard on his throbbing cock until the hot cum flies out. After milking the cock dry Uwe cocks off to the shower to clean up.

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