William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tomas Dolnak – SPANKING

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tomas Dolnak – SPANKING


RELEASE DATE:27 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 683 MB


Tomas Dolnak has been gagged and shackled in just his underwear. He is on the bed, moaning, as he tormentor enters and begins to slap on his Tomas sexy chest. Tomas ass his grabbed too and a cheeks is bared, to be spanked. Tomas moans as the stinging hand lands on that cheek. Then the other cheek is bared and spanked as well. The underwear is wedged up his ass crack to the hairy cheeks are both exposed. Then the underwear is pulled aside to his hot ass hole can he examined too. The undweart is pulled down and over, leaving that hot ass fully exposed as the heavy hands start to spank hard. A whipe is used too, stinging the the ass and making Tomas moan loudly. Tomas’ body squirms as the whip lands and then the hands too. His dick is hard though as it is pulled back through his legs. So he is pleasured by the stinging ass. The cock is oiled and wanked and then the balls are squeezed. They are spanked too. Then Tomas sexy ass gets more spanking too. The cheeks are squeezed as well as the hole is exposed. Those cheeks colour nicely too as the heavy hands spank them and onto the thighs too. Tomas is turned over and his hands fixed above his head. His throbbing cock is wanked more and oiled again too. Rope is tied around the cock and balls as well, and the wanking continues apace. That big, stiff, cock is spanked as well. Then clamps are applied to Tomas’ nipples too. His dick is wanked more as. finger is shoved into his tight hole. That hole feels the finger go knuckle-deep inside. Then clamps come off and so does the rope. Tomas then has his position changed, so he sits back on his heels as his stiff cock is wanked. His sexy chest is spanked too as his dick is wanked. Then that big cock erupts to deliver his flying cum. The dick is milked dry too as Tomas leans back, breathing heavily. The heaving chest is then whipped some too.

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