William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tomas Dolnak – HOT ASS

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tomas Dolnak – HOT ASS


RELEASE DATE:6 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 632 MB


Tomas Dolnak is a very sexy guy. He is bare-chested as a helping hand rubs over the naked flesh. The hand reaches down to grope Tomas’ jeans too. The jeans are opened and Tomas’ growing cock is released. One hand takes hold of the cock as the other drips oil onto it. The cock is rock hard as the hand starts wanking the oil into it. Then Tomas’ jeans are removed leaving him fully naked. That cock is rock hard as the hand wanks it. More oil is applied as the stiff cock stands proudly to attention. Tomas’ balls are tight at the shaft too and are soon groped too. His dick is wanked hard. Then Tomas lays back, with his legs up. That shows off hsi hot ass hole as his dick is wanked. A finger rubs the tight hole and then starts to fuck in and out. The finger goes deep into the hot hole. Then it comes out and the hole is rubbed more before being fingered again. As the ass is fingered the stiff cock is wanked as well. Tomas spreads his ass cheeks wide as he enjoys the finger working his hole. Soon two fingers are pushed into the tight hole as the cock is wanked more too. The fingers stretch that ass hole wide as they go nice and deep. The fingers come out of the ass which then has a butt plug rubbed over it. The plug is pushed into the tight hole, opening it wide as the cock is wanked more. That toy goes deep into the hot ass hole as Tomas spread the cheeks wide. That plug slides all the way into the ass hole and then comes out again. The hole is rubbed and fingered more too. Tomas cock stays so hard and gets wanked more too as the ass hole is fingered. Tomas tunrs over, onto his knees His ass hole is shown off well as the dick is pulled back between his legs for wanking. The plug goes back into the hungry hole. That hole gets fucked deep as the cock is wanked hard. Then the plug comes out and the hot hole is spread wide, getting more oil too. The fingering resumes as well, with two going in nice and deep. The dick is pulled back and wanked as well. Then Tomas turns over and sits again. His dick is wanked hard until the hot cum flies out. Then the cock is millked dry and the tender hear rubbed hard.

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