William Higgins – Str8Hell – Rafi Rocher – MILKING MEN

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Rafi Rocher – MILKING MEN


RELEASE DATE:17 October 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 635 MB


Rafi Rocher reclines on a mattress on the floor as a helper joins him and starts to run hands over the clothed body. The hands rub Rafi’s groin and open his jeans. That gives access to his big cock. A hand starts to wank on the cock which quickly gets hard. The jeans are pushed down and oil is rubbed over the big cock. Then is it wanked more as Rafi feels his chest, lifting his tee shirt. The cock is massive and the big head glistens with oil as it is wanked hard. That dick is mighty impressive and gets a good wanking. Then Rafi’s balls are tied up as well. The big, fat, cock is wanked more too, and oil is dripped over it and onto the balls as well. The slick dick is wanked more as it stands proud. Then Rafi’s legs are raised into the air and holde them up, showing off his ass hole too. The cock is wanked more as the hot hole is exposed. Then the hands spread the ass wider and oil is dripped onto it. The oil is rubbed over the tight hole as the big dick is wanked more. A finger starts to probed that tight hole as well. It slips deeper into the hole as the cock is wanked. Then the finger comes out to show off the hole. Soon the finger is pushed in again and it fucks that tight hole while the big dick is wanked. The cock is wanked hard and fast as Rafi’s tight hole is fingered. Then he lowers his legs and a fleshlight is pushed onto that massive dong. The cock fills that tube as it is wanked. Then the toy is discarded and a hand wanks the might meaty. Rafi’s tee shirt is removed and he turns around, on his knees, presenting his awesome ass. His big cock is pulled back through his legs to be wanked too. More oil is applied to his ass hole which is spread until it gapes a little. A finger goes back into the hole as well while the big cock is hard hard. That cock is wanked and the tight hole is shown off more before Rafi turns over again. He reclines on his elbows as his dick is wanked again. The sexy chest is rubbed too as that cock is wanked. Then as the cock is wanked and starts to release the cum Rafi sits up. He reclines again as the big dick is milked and the tender cock head is rubbed all over. The hands then feel over that sexy chest again too.

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