William Higgins – Str8Hell – Lubos Peleta – SPANKING

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Lubos Peleta – SPANKING


RELEASE DATE:25 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 684 MB


Lubos Peleta has been shackled to his bed. He is gagged to and is wearing just some see thru underwear as he strains against his ties. His tormentor arrives and starts to feel Lubos, whose dick seems hard in the underwear. The hands run over Lubos sexy chest, slapping it too. Then the hand run over the underwear as well. Clamps are applied to his nipples as well as Lubos moans. His dick is released from the underwear and gets wanked. Then clothes pins are attached to his balls. When lot of pins are on those balls the stiff dick is wanked again too. The chest is slapped and the clamps removed from the nipples. Lubos then gets his chest whipped as well. He jerks each time it lands. The hands slap all over the chest as well. That stiff cock is wanked more too as a hand reaches round to spank on the ass. The dick is spanked as well. Then the clothes pins are removed and Lubos is turned and bent over, presenting his ass. The hands spank on the ass and pull down the underwear. Heavy hands land repeatedly on that hot ass as the hole is exposed too. Clamps are attached to the balls and then they are pulled. The hot ass gets spanked more too, colouring nicely. Then the whip is used on the ass as well, as Lubos jerks and moans. That hot ass hole gets two fingers deep inside too. That ass gets more spanking and then a butt plug teases the hole. Soon that plug does more than tease, pushing deeper and deeper inside. Soon the plug stretches the hole wide and goes all the way inside, gripped tight by the ass lips. The heavy hands spank on that ass more. then the plug is removed to show the gaping hole. Lubos is moved onto his knees to have his dick wanked more. His body jerks as that dick releases his hot cum as it is wanked hard. The hand milks all the cum out of that dick to end a great scene.

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