William Higgins – Str8Hell – Jonas Kaizer – HOT ASS

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Jonas Kaizer – HOT ASS


RELEASE DATE:18 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 690 MB


Jonas Kaizer looks so good as he sits in the chair rubbing his groin. A helper arrives and starts to fee Jonas’ chest. Lifting the tee shirt the hands rubs over the hot chest as Jonas gropes himself. Then his tee shirt is removed and the hands play with his nipples. The helper kneels to the side and rubs Jonas’ chest and then his groin. There is a bulge in the jeans which is clearly a hard cock. The jeans are opened and a hand reaches to release the stiff cock. That big cock is rock hard as a hand starts to wank on it. Jonas’ balls are pulled out too. Then the jeans are lowered to fully expose the stiff cock and the balls. That cock stands proud as oil it dripped onto it. The hand rubs the oil over the cock and starts to wank. Jonas balls get tight as his dick is wanked. Those balls are rubbed and squeezed too. Then Jonas’ legs are raised to show off his hot ass hole too. That tight hole looks so inviting as oil is rubbed all over it. The cock is rock hard too as it is wanked while the hole is rubbed. A finger probes the tight little hole as the cock is wanked. Soon that finger is going deep into the hot hole. It fucks knuckle deep into the hole pulling in and out. When it comes out the finger rubs over the hot hole. Then it is shoved in again. That tight little hole takes the finger easily. Then more oil is applied to cock and ass. The cock is wanked hard as two fingers stretch the hole as they push inside. Those fingers fuck deep into the tight ass. That hot ass soon feels a dildo sliding up inside too as the dick stays nice and hard. The cock is wanked as the toy works Jonas’ hot ass hole. That hole gets stretched wide as the toy goes all the way inside. Then it is pulled out and pushed deep inside again. The ass is fucked deep by the toy as the stiff cock is wanked more. The ass grips the toy and holds it in as the cock is wanked. Jonas is then turned over, onto his knees to show off his ass some more. A thumb is fucked into the hole as Jonas’ cock and balls are trapped between his thighs. A big, black, dildo the shoves into the hot ass hole. That hole opens up and takes it so well. Jonas’ ass hole is fucked deep as the toy is shoved in and pulled out. The hole gapes too as the toy comes out. That hole gets fucked hard as the dick stays rock hard. Then Jonas sits in the chair again and wanks himself. His cock is rock hard and the balls are caressed as he keeps wanking until the thick, creamy, cum is released.

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