William Higgins – Str8Hell – Eli Zoubek – MILKING MEN

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Eli Zoubek – MILKING MEN


RELEASE DATE:13 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 607 MB
Model:Eli Zoubek


Sexy Eli Zoubek looks good as he relaxes on the bed. He is soon joined by a helper who feels over the clothed Eli. Then as Eli rubs his chest the helper opens the shorts to release the stiff cock. The shorts are removed and Eli’s rock hard cock is coated with some oil. The hand rubs the cock and balls as Eli lays back and enjoys how it feels. That cock glistens as it stands so proud whilst being wanked. Eli’s hips start to thrust too as he dick is wanked hard and fast. His hot ass crack is shown too as the hips thrust, That cock is so hard and near to cumming as Eli’s hips thrust. More oil is applied to the cock which is wanked more as well. As the cock is taken right to the edge the balls are rubbed too. Moving to lay down Eli’s legs are raised to expose his tight ass hole too. That cock stays rock hard and gets oiled again too. It is wanked hard as the hole is shown off. The tight hole soon feels a finger slipping deep inside as the dick is edged more. The hole is fucked deep by the finger as Eli’s dick is wanked so hard. That tight hole gets stretched more as two fingers fuck all the way inside. Still that cock stays hard, wanting to cum. Eli then stands up and his dick is wanked hard and fast. The balls get tight too as that dick is finally wanked until the cum is released. The creamy load is ejected from the throbbing cock as it is wanked so hard. Every last drop is milked from the dick as it pokes out in front.

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