William Higgins – Str8Hell – Eddie Nunson – HOT ASS

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Eddie Nunson – HOT ASS


RELEASE DATE:1 November 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 626 MB


Sexy Eddie Nunson is sitting on the bed, groping himself as a helper feels his chest too. The tee shirt is raised, showing off Eddie’s sexy chest. Then the tee shirt is removed as the hands explore that chest. A hand reaches into Eddie’s shorts too, groping his dick inside. Then helper then opens the shorts as Eddie’s rock hard cock pokes out the top. The fat cock is soon exposed, standing proud. A hand wanks it and then some oil is applied too. The big balls are released too and that that fat cock is wanked. The balls are rubbed and squeezed too. Then Eddie turns over, onto his knees. His shorts are lowered to show off his sexy ass. The cheeks are spread to give a view of his hot hole too. That hot hole is oiled and looks so inviting. Eddie pushes his cock and balls again through his legs as a finger pushes into his hole. The finger fucks his hole, knuckle deep. His cock gets hard too as he wanks it through his legs. The finger comes out and the hot hole is rubbed. Then two fingers push into the hole. The two finger slip easily into the hole, all the way up to the knuckles again. That hole is worked well with a dildo soon rubbing over it and then fucking deep inside. That toy stretches Eddie’s eager hole, opening it wide. It fucks deep inside, each nobble stretching it further as the toy is pushed in. Eddie’s hole grips tight on the dildo, not wishing to release it. But soon it is removed to be replaced by a fatter dildo. That is fucked into the hot ass hole and then pulled out again. It soon goes back in, fucking all the way inside. Eddie turns over, onto his back, and the toy is shoved back into his hot ass again. Eddie holds his legs up as he enjoys his ass hole being stretched so well. He grabs his balls and pulls them up to lick them too. Then he wanks himself as well as his ass hole gets fucked . Then, as his hole is fucked with the toy Eddie wanks his cock, as he also licks the head. Then he kneels, with the dildo up his hot ass, and wanks hard on his cock. He works his hole as he wank that dick to make it cum. The creamy load is milked from the cock and the toy slips out of the hot ass hole too.

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