William Higgins – Str8Hell – Eddie Nunson and Hugo Antonin RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Eddie Nunson and Hugo Antonin RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY


RELEASE DATE:23 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 665 MB


Hugo Antonin is in charge of Airport Security when he arrests Eddie Munson. He accuses Eddie of stealing from a shop. Hugo check in Eddie’s backpack but seems to find nothing. So he insists that Eddie remove his shirt to check him further. He pokes his nightstick at Eddie’s bulging pants and makes him take open them. Eddie covers his cock with his hands but is made to lower the pants and take them off. Hugo checks the pants. Eddie says he will do anything to end what is happening. Hugo is very threatening to him. Slapping is face and pulling his hair. He pulls on Eddie’s nipples too and hits him with a belt. Eddie’s dick gets very hard in the process. That cock is big and fat and stands proud as Hugo hits it. Then Hugo grabs the fat cock and wanks hard on it. He grabs Eddie and pushes him to the floor. Then Hugo drops his pants and shoves his cock into Eddie’s mouth. He opens his shirt too as Eddies sucks on his cock. Hugo then sits his ass in Eddie’s face as he wanks and beats his cock. Eddie has to lick Hugo’s hot hole as his own dick stays rock hard. That cock is spanked hard by Hugo. Then Eddie is beaten with a belt. Hugo’s dick gets rock hard and he slaps it on Eddies face and shoves his into his mouth. Hugo roughly shoves his cock down Eddie’s throat. Then he fucks that mouth, pulling out and shoving the dick all the way in again. Eddie has to suck on the balls as well. Then he is on his knees, having to lick Hugo’s feet as well. After that Eddie is made to present his ass. His hole is soon filled with Hugo’s throbbing cock. Hugo pounds the hot ass hole as hard as he can, going balls deep. He fuck that ass and pulls out to spank it. Then he fucks Eddie’s hot mouth again too. The ass hole gets more cock as well as Hugo fucks Eddie as hard as he can. Changing position Eddie lays on his back while Hugo fucks him more. Hugo make Eddie wank himself as well as he is being fucked. Then Hugo wants to be sucked more and sits on the floor as Eddie works his stiff cock. Then Eddie has to sit his ass on that cock and ride it. He wanks himself as Hugo fucks up into his ass hole. Then as Eddie lays on his back Hugo wanks him hard. He shoves his dick back into that hot hole to fuck more as Eddie wanks himself. Then Eddie is made to kneel before Hugo, mouth open. He catches some of the hot cum as it flies out of Hugo’s dick. He swallows the cum and the sucks the cock clean too.

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