William Higgins – Str8Hell – Axel Ross – MILKING MEN

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Axel Ross – MILKING MEN


QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 643 MB
Model:Axel Ross


Our sexy Axel Ross looks good as he feels himself while sitting in the chair. A helper arrives and opens Axel’s shirt and reaches in to rub his chest. The shirit is opened and a hand runs all over the sexy chest. Then a hand rubs the jeans too which are opened too. The shirt is removed and the jeans are lowered as well. Hands explore Axel’s underwear, reaching inside too. Then the underwear is taken off, releasing the cock and balls. Oil is squirted over them and rubbed in. A hand takes hold of the cock and starts to wank as Axel adjusts his long hard. The cock and balls are squeezed and then the dick is wanked more. That cock grows in the hand as it is wanked. The balls are tied too and more oil goes on the dick as it is wanked. Axel is rock hard as he rubs his chest. The dick is wanked hard taking Axel right to the edge. After that Axel’s legs are raised to expose his hot ass hole. That hole is oiled too. The stiff cock is wanked more as the sexy ass is rubbed. With the dick being wanked so hard a finger is shoved deep into Axel’s ass hole too. He reaches down to rub his ass as two hands wank his cock. The balls are squeezed again too. The cock is kept lubed and rock hard as a finger goes into that tight hole to fuck. Then the finger is removed. But not for long, soon it fucks the hole more. The big cock stays rock hard and right on the edge as the hole is fingered deep. The the hot hole is examined closely as the cheeks are spread wide. Axel lowers his legs and has his dick oiled again. It is wanked more, hard and fast. That brings Axel to the edge again and eventually he is allowed to shoot his thick, creamy, cum all over his left thigh. That dick is milked dry.

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