William Higgins – Peto Mohac vs Radek Pozer – WRESTLING

William Higgins – Peto Mohac vs Radek Pozer – WRESTLING


RELEASE DATE:2 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 823 MB


Peto Mohac is matched against Radek Pozer for wrestling. They both look so hot in their bulging underwear as the do some stretching before starting the match. Then, touching hands, they begin the match. Quickly they are grappling with each other as they roll all over the mats. Peto is soon naked as his underwear is pulled down and off. Radek’s comes off too and both are fully naked with their bodies closely entwined. They grapple with each ohther and Peto delights in rubbing his cock over Radek’s face. The cocks flail and asses spread wide as the each try to gain a decent hold. In the process there is some playful ass slapping too. Radek gets on top and rubs his dick over Peto’s face too. But soon he has to submit to a good hold, giving Peto the first point. They take a drink and continue the match. Dicks are hard as they resume and quickly Radek ‘s is slapped against Peto’s face. He soon returns the favour. He also grabs at Radek’s balls and slaps his ass, as they roll around the floor. They both are very playful, slapping the ass and rubbinng cock in face. Then Peto gets a good neck hold to gain another submission. He is soon on top again, rubbing dick into Radek’s face. The action is frenetic as they roll around grabbing at each other. After Peto gets another point they take a break to oil each other all over. Radek spends a lot of time wanking on Peto’s dick and then gives it a suck too. They resume the match with the oily bodies glistening. As they wrestle the hot bodies slide all over the mats. Peto gets another good hold to force a submission. They each take a drink before starting round 5 with hard cocks. Quickly Peto gets another point to take a total victory. Then they settle down to wank. Radek watches Peto wanking as he wanks himself. He asks if he can suck Peto’s dick and takes it in his eager mouth. His own cock is rock hard as he wanks whilst sucking on Peto’s. Peto pushes the head down on his cock as Radek deep throats it. Radek is hungry for that stiff cock and takes it all the way. He keeps sucking hard on that dick and wanking it. He wanks hard on his own cock as he hungrily sucks on Peto’s. Then Peto wanks himself as Radek waits to catch the cum in his mouth. He sucks on that sticky cum coated cock. Then they go to the shower and help each other to wash all over.

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