William Higgins – Patrik Holan – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Patrik Holan – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:5 December 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 613 MB


Patrik Holan is feeling horny as he sits in the chair. He feels over his clothed body as a helping hand arrives. The hands run over Patrik, feeling his chest and groping his jeans. A hand reaches into Patrik’s jeans to grope his cock. Then the jeans are opened and his underwear is rubbed, as he feels his own chest. A hand goes into the underwear too. Then the jeans are removed and the hands rub over the underwear. That is bunched as a hand rubs the bulge. Patrik’s tee shirt is removed too and his chest is rubbed with the nipples being tweaked too. His cock is released from the underwear and a hand gives it a feel. The underwear is removed and oil is used to rub over the cock and balls. That cock grows in the hand as it is wanked. More oil is applied and the stiff cock is wanked gently. That oily cock is big and hard as he is wanked. Then Patrik lifts his legs, showing off his hot ass hole. He wanks himself as the hands feel his ass, coating the hole and cheeks with oil. A finger rubs the hole too and starts to probe it. Patrik keeps wanking as the finger pushes deep into his hot hole. That finger fucks the hole nice and deep. Then it is pulled out to show off the hole. The fingering starts again, fucking knuckle deep into the tight hole. Then Patrik turns over, onto his knees. He shows off that hot hole more as his dick is pulled back through his legs to be wanked more. The hands rub all over the sexy ass and a fingers slips into the hole again to fuck some more. Then Patrik turns over and sits in the chair. His dick is wanked again. It gets rock hard as it is wanked, glistening with all the oil. As the wanking gets faster the cock releases spurts of creamy cum as Patrik moans. That cum flies everywhere and the cock is milked dry, ensuring every last drop is released.

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