William Higgins – Nikita Repa – MASSAGE

William Higgins – Nikita Repa – MASSAGE


RELEASE DATE:4 December 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 729 MB


Nikita Repa is due for a massage. He looks great as he strips down to his underwear. That shows off his hot body. Then he lays, face down, on the sofa. The masseur arrives and takes some oil into his hands to start work. The hands glide over the shoulders and start massaging. Nikita is relaxed as the hands work the shoulders and onto his neck too. The neck is massaged deeply and then the hands work more on the shoulders. Each arm, in turn, is bent up the back too as the shoulders are massage. Then the hands work lower down Nikita’s back. They slide into the underwear too, feeling the ass. The underwear is pushed own as the cheeks are massaged. More oil is used too as those shapely cheeks are massaged. The underweaer is removed and the ass and thighs are coated in oil as they are massaged. The hands work down the legs too, reaching Nikita’s feet. More oil is used as the soles are massaged deeply. Then it is back up to that sexy ass, legs parted. The cock and balls are pulled back between the legs. A hand rubs them as the hot hole is rubbed too. Then the cock is gently wanked as it gets nice and hard. Oil is dripped onto Nikita’s tight hole and the fingers rub over it. Soon, as the cock is wanked, a finger slips deep into the tight hole and starts to fuck. Then the finger comes out to show off that hole. Nikita moves onto his knees, showing off his hot ass hole perfectly. His dick is wanks more, between his legs as that hole is fully exposed. The finger goes back into the hole and fucks more as the cock is wanked. Soon two fingers stretch the hole wider as they push deep inside to fuck. Nikita’s cock is rock hard too as the hole is fingered. He starts to moan as the creamy cum shoots onto the sofa as his hole is fingered deeply. The cock is milked dry too. Then Nikita turns over and lays on his back, relaxing as the hands oil his sexy chest, as his dick lays on his thigh after all that cumming.

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