William Higgins – Misko Sinak vs Sasa Jelinek – WRESTLING

William Higgins – Misko Sinak vs Sasa Jelinek – WRESTLING


RELEASE DATE:30 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 866 MB


Misko Sinak is matched against Sasa Jelinek for submission wrestling. They both look good in just their underwear as they warm up with some stretching. Then they start the match. Grabbing at each other they are soon rolling around on the mats, trying to get a good hold. In the process Miska’s underwear is pulled down, baring his ass. He does the same to Sasa They soon have each other fully naked with cocks exposed too. The hot holes are spread too as each tries to get a good hold. The bodies are closely entwined as they grapple with Sasa being the first to submit, giving Misko the first point. Round 2 begins and each is quickly grabbing at the other for a good hold. Asses get the occasional spank too as the guys grapple. Sasa grabs at Misko’s neck to force a submission. With cocks flailing and assess spreading they resume the close contact wrestling, with Misko spanking more too. Sasa responds, grabbing at Misko’s cock and balls the gain another point. Then they take a break to coat each other in oil. After the bodies are slick with oil they resume the match. Misko is able to level the scores. Then, using the discarded underwear around Sasa’s neck he gains the winning point. They sit on the floor and start to wank. They wank each other a little too. Wanking themselves hard it is Sasa who is first to release the cum on the floor below. Misko continues wanking, watching Sasa milk himself dry. Then he pushes his dick forward and shoots his cum too. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

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