William Higgins – Josef Blazkowicz – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Josef Blazkowicz – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:24 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 561 MB


Josef Blazkowicz looks great as he sits on the sofa rubbing his groin. He is soon joined by a helping hand who kneels beside him and starts to open Josef’s shirt. Josef rubs his pants as his sexy chest is exposed. Then the helper rubs the hot chest and starts to open Josef’s pants too. As the pants are pulled down Josef’s cock is making his underwear bulge with his erection. The hands grab the cock through the underwear. Then it is released, along with the balls. The hand wanks on Josef’s rock hard dick as he feels his chest. Then Josef’s underwear is removed and oil is applied to his throbbing cock. The stiff dick glistens with oil as it is wanked. The balls are rubbed too as that big erection is wanked. Then Josef’s shirt is removed too as his dick stays nice and hard. He lays back to have his dick wanked more, as a hand runs over the chest and plays with the nipples. More oil is applied to the stiff cock. That cock is wanked a while longer. Then Josef’s legs are raised, exposing his hot ass and the tight hole. That sexy ass is oiled all over, including the hole. A finger rubs over the hot hole and then gently probes it as the stiff cock is wanked. That fingers slides deeper into Josef’s hole, fucking in and out. His dick stays so hard too as the finger fucks his ass hole. The hands wank on that dick and finger fuck the tight hole for a while. Then Josef lowers his legs as the glistening dick is wanked. He turns over, onto his knees and presents his ass which is soon oiled some more. HIs rock hard cock is pulled back through his legs to be wanked as his tight hole is rubbed and fingered again. The tight hole is fingered hard as the oily dick is wanked through the legs. Soon Josef moans as his dick releases his thick, creamy, cum onto the bed below, while is hole is being fingered hard. That cock is milked dry and then the tight ass is examined one last time.

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