William Higgins – Ivan Burak vs Robert Smola – WRESTLING

William Higgins – Ivan Burak vs Robert Smola – WRESTLING


RELEASE DATE:4 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 794 MB


Ivan Burak is matched against Robert Smola for submission wrestling. They start by doing some stretching to loosen up. Then the match begins. They grab at each other and soon fall to the mats as they grapple. In the process Ivan seems to want to pull off Robert’s underwear. They both try that as they grab at each other. Robert succeeds in removing Ivan’s underwear, and soon loses his own too. So, both naked, they start trying to gain a successful hold. Ivan does just that with a neck hold and gains the first point. Dicks flail as they grab at each other in the second roud. The bare asses spread naturally too as they roll around on the mats. They spank on each other’s ass too in a playful manner. Ivan prevails again to get his second point. But he doens’t get everything his way as Robert manages to score a point too. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. The bodies glisten as they resume the match, sliding all over the floor as they try to gain a hold. Robert is quick to get another good hold for another point. Robert resorts to grabbing cock and balls to get another point, but it isn’t enough and Ivan takes the victory. Then they settle down on the mats to wank. With hard cocks they wank each other briefly too. Then Robert wanks hard and fast to be the first to cum as Robert watches the thick cream spurt onto the mats. Robert keeps wanking too until he cums too. He milks every last drop from that lovely big dick.

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