William Higgins – Igor Ujak – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Igor Ujak – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:26 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 571 MB
Model:Igor Ujak


Igor Ujak looks so good as he sits on the bed, bare-chested, with his stiff cock poking out on his pants. A helping hand walks in and begins to feel Igor’s hot body and his stiff dick. The hand wanks on the hard cock as Igor turns to head to kiss his helper’s sexy chest. Then Igor takes off his pants, leaving just his underwear with the cock and balls exposed. The helper wanks on that hard cock and feels all over Igor’s sexy chest. Igor wanks himself as his nipples are tweaked. Then his underwear is removed and he leans back as his cock is wanked. Precum oozes from the cock head adn a finger rubs it. That stiff cock stands proud as it is wanked. Oil is then applied to the throbbing cock and it is rubbed all over and onto the tight balls too. Igor’s cock feels tender as it is wanked and his hips start to gently thrust too. The dick is wanked hard taking him right to the edge. Then he lays on his back with his legs in the air, showing off his hot ass hole. Oil is rubbed all over the cock as it is wanked hard. That tight ass hole is fully exposed and Igor reaches down to spread it wider. A hand rubs over the oil and then applies oil to it as Igor wanks himself. A thumb rubs over the tight hole and a finger starts to probe. That finger pushes into the hot hole as Igor keeps wanking. His hot ass hole takes the finger with ease and soon two digits stretch it further. They fuck hard into the ass hole as the cock is wanked too. The fingers slide knuckle-deep, into that hot hole. Then they come out and a thumb slips in to fuck some more. Igor’s cock is wanked too as that hole is pleasured for him. Then he turns over, onto his knees, still showing off his sexy ass. The cheeks are spanked as the hole is shown off. Oil is rubbed all over the sxy ass as he wanks himself. Then the dick is pulled back between the legs to be wanked more as two fingers fuck back into that eager hole. Igor wanks hard on his dick as his hole is double fingered so fast. Then he kneels on the bed as the helper wanks so hard on that big cock. The wanking continues until that throbbing cock releases all the flying cum. Every last drop is wanked from that cock and the hands feel all over Igor’s hot body. His dick is milked more as he announces how awesome it all felt.

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