William Higgins – Full Contact – Ben Stolar & Viktor Butt

William Higgins – Full Contact – Ben Stolar & Viktor Butt


RELEASE DATE:31 August 2022
SIZE: 975 MB


Ben Stolar and Viktor Butt are feeling very horny. They kiss each other as then sit on the bed. Then both get bare-chested as they grope each other. Ben is the first to lower his shorts, releasing his stiff cock. Viktor is quick to go down on that cock, sucking it into his eager mouth. He works his mouth on that cock, encouraged by Ben pushing his head down. Viktor licks around the swollen cock head and takes the dick deep into his mouth. He wanks on the throbbing cock too as he sucks and licks. Ben fucks the cock into the hot mouth as well, as he enjoys being sucked. Then they kiss again and Viktor gets naked, revealing his own big, hard cock. Ben takes a turn at suckng, sliding his mouth down on Viktor’s throbbing member. Ben licks up and down the shaft and soon feels that dick hitting the back of his throat as Viktor fucks the mouth. That big cock fills Ben’s mouth and stands so proud as it is sucked. Ben climbs over Viktor, head to toe so they can suck each other in a 69. They each wank and suck on the rock hard cocks. Ben is eager to fuck and does just that as Viktor moves onto his knees. Ben’s stiff cock slides easily into Viktor’s tight ass hole. Viktor moans as he feels the cock thrusting deep inside him. Ben’s cock stretches the ass hole wide as he fucks deep and hard. His hips thrust to shove the big cock balls deep into Viktor’s hole. The big cock works hard into Viktor’s ass for a while. Then, with his own cock standing proudly to attention Viktor sits down on Ben’s dick. He rides that rock hard cock as hard as he can. His own cock stays hard as Ben fucks up into he eager hole. Viktor grabs his own cock and wanks it hard as he feels Ben pounding his ass. Moaning loudly as he wanks hard Viktor shoots his load as Ben fucks hard and fast into his ass hole. Viktor milks every last drop out of his cock and Ben continues to fuck him. Then Viktor lays on his back to be fucked more. Ben puonds that hole hard until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out to cum over Viktor’s cock and balls.
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