William Higgins – Franz Gruber – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Franz Gruber – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:31 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 626 MB


Franz Gruber is feeling horny, groping himself on the bed. A helping hand arrives and starts to feel over Franz’s clothed body. Opening the shirt a little the hands feels over Franz’s sexy chest. Then the jeans are opened to release the cock. The hands wank on the cock and pull out the balls too. The jeans are pulled off and the hands then oil Franz’s dick. That cock is coated in oil which is rubbed over the balls too. The hands wank on the dick as it stands to attetntion. More oil is used too as the cock is wanked. Then Franz lifts his legs into the air, exposing his hot hole. Oil is dripped onto his balls and is rubbed all over that hot ass and the tight hole. A finger rubs over the hole and then pushes inside. That finger is gently fucked into the tight hole as the cock and balls are rubbed.The finger comes out and a thumb is pushed into the tight hole, stretching it more. The finger goes back into the hole too and fucks nice and deep. Franz is turned over, onto his knees, presenting his ass again. His dick is wanked backed through his legs and his hot ass gets fingered again too. That hole looks so inviting is it glistens with oil and feels the finger. Franz turns onto his back again and his cock is wanked more. The hands explore him and wank on that cock. His legs are raised again too, trapping cock and balls between the thighs as his hole gets fingered more. Then the legs are lowered and that cock is wanked hard until it gives up the cum.

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