William Higgins – Fila Hak – HELPING HAND

William Higgins – Fila Hak – HELPING HAND


RELEASE DATE:25 December 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 548 MB
Model:Fila Hak


Fila Hak looks very sexy indeed as he rubs his hot chest, in front of the Christmas tree. He is in for a Christmas treat as a helper arrives to feel over that hot chest. Fila looks up at the helper and opens his jeans to give access to his bulging underwear. Fila encourages the hand to feel him. With his jeans pulled down Fila’s underwear is groped as he also feels the helper’s chest. The underwear is pulled to the side to release Fila’s cock and balls. A hand wanks on the stiffening cock. Then Fila is stripped naked, apart from his Santa hat. He lays back and enjoys having his cock wanked. With lube applied Fila’s cock is wanked more. Then his legs are raised into the air, exposing his hot ass hole as the dick is wanked more. The tight hole is rubbed too. The hole is lubed as well and soon feels a finger sliding deep inside. Two fingers open the hole nice and wider as they fuck knuckle-deep inside. Fila moans as he feels the fingers up his ass. Then that hole is fucked deeper with a dildo that works easily inside. After more fingering Fila turns over, onto his knees. He wanks his cock down between his legs as he shows off his hole. The dildo goes back into that hungry hole to fuck more. Then Fila relines on one elbow as his dick is wanked hard to make him cum.. He moans as his throbbing cock released the creamy load

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