William Higgins – Eddie Nunson – EROTIC SOLO

William Higgins – Eddie Nunson – EROTIC SOLO


RELEASE DATE:24 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 801 MB


Eddie Nunson is aged 35. He lives in Prague and is a dancer. In his spare time he enjoys sports, basketball and dancing. He looks great as he sits on the bench, with a big smile on his face. He does his interview in English, explaining everything he likes to do. Then Eddie stands up and slowly removes his tee shirt. He feels over his sexy chest and then flexes his biceps. His long hair hangs down as he flexes and poses. He then reaches into his shorts, groping himslef. He lowers the shorts to reveal his balls and his swollen cock. He moves his hips to make the big cock flop from side to side as the balls swing too. Then the cock flops up and down . Eddie then squeezes his balls. He spits on his dick and starts to rub. He wanks that big cock to get it hard. He wanks his dick and squeeze his balls. He also reaches underneath to finger his hole, as his dick gets very hard. He kneels on the sofa and keeps wanking as he fingers himself. The big cock is rock hard as Eddie lays down and raises his legs to show his hole as he fingers it. He keeps wanking his cock and then uses both hands to spread his hole. He proudly announces that sometimes he can suck himself. Pullling his legs up he leans down to lick his stiff cock. The tight hole is shown off as he spreads the cheeks . Then a finger slides deep into the hole. He explains other things he like to do, such as rimming. He wanks hard as the finger works deep in his hole. Then the finger comes out to show off the hole, Two fingers go in to pull the hole open. Then Eddie wank his cock some more as he fingers himself. Next he kneels on the bench shows off his hot ass hole as he pushes his big dick back between his legs. He wanks the big cock back between the legs and then plays with his hole again. Turning over he kneels on the bench and wanks himself hard, as he fingers his hole. He wanks and fingers, breathing heavily. Then that big, fat, cock gives up the thick, creamy, cum as the finger stays deep in the hot hole. Eddie milks his cock dry and answers some more questions about how he enjoyed it and what he might do more. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up and enjoys taking a piss too.

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