UK Hot Jocks – Team WS – Sam Barclay and Jace Tyler

UK Hot Jocks – Team WS – Sam Barclay and Jace Tyler


RELEASE DATE:20 March 2019
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.6 GB


Sam and Jace Square up to each other on top of the play tyres. They size each other up, explore their muscular bodies and grab hold of the gear. Looking like pristine jock boys they can’t wait to messy up their kit and get piss dirty with each other! They release their hard dicks and have a meaty sword fight before Sam decides he wants it in his mouth. Licking around his low hanging balls and enjoying the lot. Jace reciprocates, sucking sam off like he wants what’s inside… And I don’t just mean cum! Sam opens the flood gates and pisses all over Jace and his gear, his tight body glistening with dewy yellow beads, the gear getting soaked through. Tables turn and Jace gets up high over Sam and unleashes a torrent of piss over him. Wet and wanking Sam is fucking loving it! Flipping him onto his back Jace soaks Sams arse, peels off the wet shorts and soaks his hole before he fucks him. Slapping the pooled piss on Sams abs making it splash everywhere while they fuck. Sam has more to give, while taking a hard shagging he continues to empty the tank and pees all over them both. What a wet, wild ride!!

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