Scout Boys – Troop Time: Chapter 17 – Bump In the Night

Scout Boys – Troop Time: Chapter 17 – Bump In the Night


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Colton and I have been messing around for a few months now. We’ve always been the best of friends, but things developed into more when he admitted that he’d been intimate with Scoutmaster Wheeler.

The news didn’t exactly shock me – I’d seen them creeping off together on a number of occasions – but I think Colton was a little more surprised when I ‘fessed up to making out with Scoutmaster St. Michael!

We hadn’t been all the way yet, but everything changed when we went on a camping trip in late October this year…

It was turning a little cold and they told us it would be our last chance to sleep in tents before next spring, so the whole troop went. The nights were drawing in real early, so we spent a lot of our time telling each other ghost stories around the campfire.

I love a good ghost story. And Scoutmaster McKeon tells the best stories. They’re always really ghoulish and gory and they really scare the younger scouts!

Colton and I were getting pretty eager to find a time to make out. We’d promised ourselves to go all the way at some point during the trip. But we didn’t know when we’d find the time. Even at night, it’s deathly quiet around the tents, and it’s very hard to do anything more than cuddle.

One night during one of our spooky campfire activities, we found our moment! The guys were going on and on about stories they’d heard and laughing and talking and making all kinds of noise over the crackling fire. It was then I realized that that was probably our best chance! With everyone distracted and the group as big as it was, no one would notice if we slipped off.

I got up, collected my things and made my way back to the tent. But before I left the light of the fire, I looked back at Colton, quietly signaling to him to come with me. He paused for a moment, realizing what I was communicating without words or gestures, and after a moment, he got up and followed behind. The two of us walked off in silence, seeing the shadows cast from the fire gradually become the inky blackness of the night forest. We were completely alone.

It was a little eerie making our way through the darkened campsite. But we were hardly able to contain our excitement as we reached the tent. I felt myself abuzz, knowing that we were about to do something we shouldn’t, but also something we’d thought about for so long.

We crept into the tent. We laid down on a sleeping bag and started making out real hard. We were desperate for each other. My balls had been aching ever since I’d arrived. It felt like I’d been permanently erect.

Kissing Colton always feels so good. He knows exactly what he’s doing and I get really turned on by the way he smells. His dad got him some kind of expensive aftershave for his birthday which he knows drives me mad, so he wears it every time we’re likely to be together… That plus the smokiness from the fire and sweat of the day… the scent of a real man.

We started to undress and I guess we must have gotten a little distracted at some point. There’s a heck of a lot to take off when you’re dressed in a scout uniform. Shirts, compasses, caps, belts, neckerchiefs… Colton kept having to remind me to keep the noise down because I was gasping every time his cold hands touched my naked chest. It was incredibly exciting, however, and it was also quite romantic… Our first time together.

Then, suddenly, we heard the zipper of the tent!

Instead of springing apart, we both froze.

It was Scoutmaster McKeon. We’d been caught!

I instantly assumed we were in big trouble, but he didn’t actually seem to be that angry. Instead he came and knelt down next to us and told us to continue.

I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants. Scoutmaster McKeon had always been at the top of my list of older man-crushes. He’s insanely handsome with his sexy curly hair and little mustache.

We went swimming over the summer and when he took his top off, I think most of the boys got hard. Even the straight ones! It was like looking at some sort of Greek god! The thought of our Scoutmaster watching Colton and I making out was so hot that we instantly started kissing again, secretly hoping he’d eventually join in.

It didn’t take him long. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught him placing his hand on Colton’s knee and then running it seductively up and down his thigh.

Then Scoutmaster McKeon knelt up and started to undress, exposing that beautiful chest of his before nestling down next to Colton. Seconds later, they were making out, too. Even though we’d planned on this being a special moment for the both of us, we couldn’t deny that it was incredibly hot!

Colton started to suck the Scoutmaster’s dick, which, just as I’d imagined, was huge! I pushed my shorts down and watched them for a while. McKeon locked eyes with me and gave me such a sexy look that I felt like I was melting into him!

At that moment, Colton started to suck my dick, which felt amazing. McKeon was still all over him, pressing his body firmly into Colton’s back, before pushing his shorts down. He guided Colton’s mouth back down onto my dick, pushing down on the back of his head so hard that Colton started to choke and gag.

The Scoutmaster then got onto his knees and started to eat Colton out. Part of me didn’t want them to fuck because this was meant to be our special night, but the rest of me was really turned on by the thought of watching Colton being used by McKeon.

Before I knew it, McKeon had his big raw dick inside Colton, who was gritting his teeth like crazy, plainly trying not to scream. I kept feeding him my dick though. I was making eye contact with the Scoutmaster and it felt like we had a thing going on. We were both gonna use Colton as hard as we could, and the thought was super hot.

McKeon looked so amazing as he pumped into Colton. He’s really athletic and got himself into all sorts of crazy positions. He seemed to be going harder with every sexy stroke. He got his hand over Colton’s mouth at one point… The sight really turned me on. Colton was whimpering and his eyes were bulging real large. The Scoutmaster took his hand away from Colton’s mouth and I immediately slapped mine over it, looking right into Colton’s eyes as I gagged him. My dick was so hard. And the last thing we needed was to be overheard!

The Scoutmaster pulled out of Colton and asked if I wanted his dick. Before I could get my thoughts in order, I was on my back with Colton’s dick in my face and McKeon’s meat lodged very firmly in my ass. It felt amazing. He fucked me so hard. McKeon started to jerk my dick as he banged me, and I knew I was likely to blow any second.

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