Scout Boys – Scout Maxx Monroe Chapter 1 With Felix Kamp

Scout Boys – Scout Maxx Monroe Chapter 1 With Felix Kamp


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It was a pretty big day for Maxx. He’d been looking forward to joining the scouts for a while. His friends had told him a lot about the fun experiences and bonding moments, and although he knew the scouts required a far amount of discipline and obedience, he didn’t see this as a problem. After all, the camaraderie of fellow scouts working through challenges was part of the appeal.

When the time came for him to take his scout pledge, he found himself practically bursting with excitement. He kept this feeling inside, wanting to show Scoutmaster Kamp a strong, controlled, and focused presentation. Even as Kamp pinned his official scout emblem to his uniform and Maxx’s heart fluttered, he maintained his composure and stood still as a statue.

It was a great moment. He felt like he was doing something good and entering a legacy and history that he could be proud of. It was all as he had thought it would be. That is, until Scoutmaster Kamp started touching his chest.

The older man finished pinning the boy’s lapel, smoothing it out and making sure it sat flat. As he did, his strong fingers grazed the boy’s firm, athletic chest, feeling its form for the first time. Kamp’s hands lingered a little bit longer than Maxx thought was necessary, but he was still locked in his immovable stance. His eyes darted down, looking to see what Kamp was doing, thinking that maybe it was something official. But when Kamp’s hands moved down to his crotch, it became clear that this was not part of the manual he’d studied.

“Scoutmaster?” Maxx responded. His voice was confused and alarmed. He didn’t know what exactly was happening.

“You’re ready to take your oath, yes?” Kamp’s question was pointed. His tone was no different than before, when he was administering the previous pledge. He continued with the authority he had shown before, throwing the young man off. He didn’t know everything about the scouts, but this seemed irregular to say the least. Still, he didn’t want to inadvertently ruin his initiation.

“Y-yes, I am.” Maxx felt his face flush and his heart race, sweat building on his brown and his neck as the older man’s grip on his cock tightened. He’d never been handled like this before, feeling his member begin to swell up from the pressure created by the man’s fingers. He didn’t mean to get hard, but it was happening, and there was no way he could hide it or deny it.

Scoutmaster Kamp moved his hands back up to the boy’s shirt, unbuttoning it to reveal the boy’s chest. Maxx continued to sweat, but he never broke his firmly planted position. He was no longer trying to show confidence, but rather he was stunned and frozen in his stance. He watched as Kamp became more familiar with his flesh, touching his stomach and nipples and revisiting his swelling cock over and over. He felt trapped in his body, like a spectator to the older man’s exploration.

“It seems like you’re getting excited.” Scoutmaster Kamp looked in Maxx’s eyes. He could see the boy was struggling inside, but he didn’t acknowledge it. It was clear he was trying to make the young man aware of his body’s response. A part of Maxx thought he didn’t want this, that he wanted to put his clothes back on and go home, but he couldn’t deny that he was getting aroused. And as Kamp began unbuttoning Maxx’s pants, the boy knew they were crossing a line.

When Kamp pulled down his underwear and pulled out his cock, Maxx let out a deep breath. It was as if he were holding it inside the entire time, keeping it locked away and safe in his chest. But once the man’s hand touched the flesh of his hard manhood, he knew he was exposed. Revealed. Vulnerable. He felt invaded, nervous, and confused. But despite this, something unexpected became clear: he didn’t want it to stop.

Scoutmaster Kamp asked Maxx to finish disrobing and get up on his desk. Maxx did as he was told, getting on all fours and presenting himself as Kamp requested. The older man took his fingers and pressed them between the boy’s lips, feeling his tongue and reaching back to his throat. Maxx didn’t understand what he was doing, but Kamp seemed pleased with what he observed. The scoutmaster’s fingers tasted amazing, feeling rough against his cheeks until they emerged wet and warm.

Kamp moved to Maxx’s backside, taking his wet fingers and teasing the boy’s hole. The mature fingers slipped between his cheeks, breaking through his hole unexpectedly, making Maxx let out a deep, agonizing moan as he felt the man reach a previously untouched part of his body. It hurt at first, making him wince and push away. But Kamp grabbed his balls with his free hand, holding them firmly in his grip and preventing Maxx from moving too far from his penetrating fingers…

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