Scout Boys – SCOUT ETHAN – Chapter 3 – The Campsite (with Scoutmaster Wheeler)

Scout Boys – SCOUT ETHAN – Chapter 3 – The Campsite (with Scoutmaster Wheeler)


RELEASE DATE:9 September 2022
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I was feeling a little nervous around the other scouts, but started to find comfort in knowing the Scoutmasters were always there to help me get comfortable. After a rough week of camping with the other Scoutboys, Scoutmaster Wheeler said he’d like to have some time practicing skills at a campsite one-on-one.

I jumped at the chance to learn more and have his guided hand steer me in the right direction. As we walked to the campsite I could feel Scoutmaster Wheeler’s eyes looking me over, in a protective way most of the time, but his eyes also lingered a little longer than most people’s. I couldn’t wait to get to the campsite so he could teach me what he knows.

Once we arrived, I sat down and told him how much fun I’ve been having. He apologized to me that I have to hang out with the older guys, and I immediately told him that I didn’t mind.

He smiled at me while placing his hand on my shoulder and said “I know a way we can have more fun… can you keep a secret?”

I looked into his eyes and felt a rush of adrenaline. He grabbed my neckerchief and pulled me close; his warm lips grazing mine. Soon I felt his tongue massaging mine. He tasted good as his mustache rubbed against my smooth face.

We moved inside the tent and continued kissing, slowly unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his hairy chest. I couldn’t help but immediately rub his hairs beneath my fingertips, grazing his nipples and discovering the crevices of his lean torso.

He pulled off my shirt and grabbed onto my smooth body, moving behind me while still kissing me. His big hands ran down to my hardening cock. I turned around and undid his belt buckle so he could slide off his pants.

I didn’t even remember my own shorts coming off, but next thing I knew I was pulling his already-rock-hard cock out of his underwear. He put his hand on mine so we were stroking him together. I needed to see what he tasted like, so I slowly licked the top of his cock, tasting bits of salty precum that leaked out of him. I’m definitely savoring the flavor of my Scoutmaster!

He pulled me in for a kiss then pushed my head back down on to his cock while moaning. I started to take more and more of him inside my mouth until he was completely buried in my throat. He moaned so loudly I could tell he couldn’t get enough. He said to do it again. He moaned louder this time.

I think I unlocked something inside him because his eyes looked hungry as he lifted me up and turned me around. He used his cock to play with my hole through my thin white underwear. Rubbing against the fabric and forcing my ass into his throbbing cock was fueling his hunger.

He peeled off my underwear and pushed me into position. He leaned closer to my hole and whispered, “Can I taste it?”

Immediately I said yes! There’s nothing more I wanted than for him to pull my cheeks apart and start warming up my hole with his spit. Slowly he kissed my hole, and then out of nowhere, he started to ravenously eat inside me, pulling my cheeks apart like they were in the way, fucking my hole with his warm tongue while he stroked my cock.

He leaned over me, throbbing against me saying “Do you want it?”

And without thought I said, “yes, sir.”

He fit inside like a glove, his cock throbbing through the walls of my hole. Pumping harder and harder as his dick reached the deepest part of me, he covered my mouth so no one could hear us. Asking if I could stay quiet while the full length of his cock slid in and out of my hole, I firmly nodded yes. He put his lips on mine and said he was proud of me… all while his perfect cock stretched the insides of my hole.

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