Scout Boys – Scout Cole – Chapter 3 – Pitch a Tent – Ace Banner and Cole Blue

Scout Boys – Scout Cole – Chapter 3 – Pitch a Tent – Ace Banner and Cole Blue


RELEASE DATE:10 June 2024
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I’ve had my eye on Scout Cole for some time now. Frankly, it would be hard for any red-blooded male not to have noticed him. He’s way more grown-up than the other boys. He’s tall, blond, well-built and so handsome. A reliable source tells me that he’s also into older dudes. I’ve recently made it my mission to get some alone time with him.

It took me a while to get there, but in the end, the opportunity was handed to me on a golden platter when the boy actually approached me. He asked for some tips on tent-pitching which I found a little confusing. Scout Cole has every badge under the sun and learning how to put a tent up is pretty basic stuff. I couldn’t for the life of me think why someone hadn’t drilled that particular skill into him. By all accounts he’s had pretty much everything else drilled into him!

Yesterday afternoon, one of the younger scouts spotted an eagle down by the lake. Most everyone left camp immediately for the rare sight. Scout Cole seemed a little nonplussed by all the excitement, so I suggested he stay behind for a lesson in tenting and he looked very relieved.

I took him away from the camp and into the woods. I had filthy plans for him which didn’t involve being interrupted by 50 hysterical scouts trying to show me shitty blurry photos of the eagle by the lake. We got the tent up pretty darned quick. I got the impression Scout Cole was actually rather skilled when it came to pitching tents, and started to wonder if the whole thing had just been a ruse to get me on my own. Or maybe that was the wishful thinking of a man whose dick had been rock hard for the last hour. There was definitely more than one tent going up.

Scout Cole kept looking over at me and holding my gaze and I could see his cock twitching in his tight shorts. I must have leaked about a gallon of pre-cum into my underpants. I was quite relieved when we finished with the tent so I could sit down and take the strain off my hard-on! Scout Cole read all the signals and dutifully sat right next to me. To be truthful I could—and probably should—have ravaged him the moment we sat down, but I thought a few pleasantries and a bit of small talk might help to build up the sexual tension.

In the end I just went for it, leaned right over and planted my lips on his. He kissed back like a little whore and was all over me in seconds, rubbing his dick impatiently, his ass no doubt already twitching for my raw 9-inch dick. I ripped his shirt off, exposing his beautiful pale torso and he instantly started groping the bulge in my pants. I had his shorts off pretty darned fast, the boy plainly has an enormous dick and I wanted to see it in the flesh. I was not disappointed.

He helped me out of my clothes, his legs already spread wide apart in anticipation. I started sucking him off, simultaneously working a finger into his tight little hole, and he began to pant with excitement. I got him on all fours and started to open him up with my tongue.

Scout Cole soon had his lips wrapped around my big dick. He sure knows how to suck a cock; and he can deep-throat like a true pro. I thought about the scoutmasters, I’m pretty sure they helped to teach the boy this particular craft. The thought of him with each of them made my cock flood his obedient mouth with my pre-cum.

I got him on all fours again, knelt up behind him and slowly sank my raw cock into him. The boy is stunningly tight but incredibly accommodating. Within seconds I was fucking him and he was groaning and gasping in ecstasy, arching his back and jerking his meat. I went at him pretty hard. He could take it.

I pushed him onto his back, his legs splayed in the air, and got him to finger himself before slamming my cock back into him again, this time looking down into his stunning, wanton eyes. He was jerking himself frantically. It was gonna be interesting to see who could last the longest.

Moments later, he exploded all over his stomach and chest. Rope after rope of semen flew out of him. I continued to fuck him. Probably harder than before, definitely faster, the sweat flying uncontrollably from my forehead. Then, I came violently, spunking bucket loads into his sweet, tender ass. Jesus that fuck was a long time in the making, but it was worth every crazy, horny moment.

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