RawHole – J-Pack Balls His Bebe – J-Pack and Bebe Amor

RawHole – J-Pack Balls His Bebe – J-Pack and Bebe Amor


RELEASE DATE:16 October 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.04 GB
Model:Bebe Amor | J-Pack


When butch, close-cropped and bearded regular guy J-Pack meets tall slim 20-something Bebe Amor, there’s not wasting time with gentle smooches or getting to know each other. From the first moment their eager hands are diving into each other’s pants, checking out the goods and working up their sex-hungry dicks. They want to fuck, and they are ready NOW.

In a flash, J-Pack has Bebe on his back with skinny jeans’ed legs pinned back, yanking back the denim to get his mouth latched on to Bebe’s fuck-starved asshole. A sly smile lets us know that’s just the kind of rough stuff Bebe loves, and his booty’s throbbing in anticipation. In slides J-Pack’s big, stiff, hairy uncut cock and these Latin bareback studs are plowing at full throttle. When J-Pack pulls out a sec to change positions, Bebe’s already leaking precum and juicy from J-Pack’s thick slick woody.

But not wanting to miss out on some deep, wet oral, J-Pack cradles the back of Bebe’s head and deftly fucks his tool down the twink’s dick-thirsty gullet. Then the horny bottom’s down on all fours with his lean-muscled ass pointed up at J-Pack, and the ever-ready top is thrusting in balls-deep again.

Bebe straddles the top hombre’s furry crotch and grinds his booty down on the precum-slick love muscle. These guys are enjoying every bump and grind, smiling and connecting as they fuck their brains out. Lying side by side, J-Pack rams in, ready to breed Bebe’s twitching hole. Bebe crooks an arm around his fuckbud and pulls him closer as spurt after spurt fills his ass to overflowing. With a thick load drooling out of his open hole, it takes just a few strokes before Bebe’s shooting his own steaming splatter as the two new buds share that romantic kiss they skipped over before.

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