Raw Hole – Pinning Toro’s Tail – Danny Toro, Deivid Miniero

Raw Hole – Pinning Toro’s Tail – Danny Toro, Deivid Miniero


RELEASE DATE:1 February 2022
SIZE: 1.2 GB


Blond, beautiful, furry Latino surfstud Danny Toro has been a hot top around Rawhole, but tops need a good dicking sometimes, too. And new raw stud Deivid Miniero is hard, dripping and up to the challenge. Deivid is a lean brown fuck machine with a defined muscle body and a straight 8 of uncut tool. they step inside from a hot beach afternoon and start sucking face, but soon are on the bed sucking each others’ stiff poles. Deivid groans with eyes half-closed and dreamy as Danny slurps and swallows his big cock. Danny just looks up and smiles, knowing that perfect ass-splitter will be inside him in a few short minutes.

Deivid gets his first taste of Danny’s hot juicy hole, face buried between the big stud’s hairy ass cheeks. His tongue burrows in deep, licks the surfboy’s crack from nuts to the tip of his spine. Toro takes a hard panting breath as Devid slides bareback into the spit-slick hole and starts pumping. He gives an evil little laugh as his ass gets rammed. He’s been waiting for a proper assfuck a long time. Tall tan Deivid lies back and lets Danny ride to his heart’s content, grabbing his meaty cheeks to plow in straight and smooth. He lays Danny on his back, legs lifted, and thrusts in faster. They’re both more than ready to blast. licking and sucking Toro’s toes, Deivid races toward a hot splashy finale. Danny splatters out a thick white puddle into his fuzzy pubes with Deivid beating his dick the last few strokes with his nuts grazing Toro’s adoring tongue. His load sprays out into Danny’s beard and drips down his nose and forehead.

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