Raw Hole – Mowgli’s Bare Necessities – Mowgli & Daguy

Raw Hole – Mowgli’s Bare Necessities – Mowgli & Daguy


SIZE: 606 MB
Model:Daguy | Mowgli


Cute dark-haired twink pup Mowgli has been searching the urban jungle for the rough and tumble top of his dreams, and along comes wicked hot raw fucker Daguy, who likes to give his guys a slap or two to keep them focused on taking dick and keeping HIM well-satisfied. Daguy is devastatingly sexy, with a lean tight muscularity, a scruffy beard and a close cropped head set off by the shock of streaky blond he keeps tied back until he gets REALLY sweaty and filthy during a screwing session. Then he lets it fall into his face and make him even hotter. The two bareback Latinos start out in an intense kiss, with Daguy’s tongue laying claim to Mowgli’s hungry mouth.

Once they’re naked, Daguy fingers Mowgli’s insatiable hole, giving it a few of his trademark smacks and thwacks. His horned up bottom boy loves every slap, his hole twitching in anticipation. But first he wants to swallow down Daguy’s hot mean uncut woody. Now he gets his face smacked to keep him sucking like a madman. Daguy climbs on top like the alpha male he is, holds Mowgli’s face down on the pillow and slides his thick fucktool in balls deep. Mowgli moans in ecstasy. Fast and hard, then slow and deeeep, Daguy reams his buddy’s hole like a master. When he needs a break, he lies back and sticks a leg up as he guides Mowgli’s face down onto his musky hole. The twink nurses on his dominant top’s ass with rapt attention, then Daguy returns the favor and slobbers on Mowgli’s butthole before the final countdown to blastoff. He climbs on top and fucks down into Mowgli like his sperm is aiming to make the boy his personal property. Pulling out as he shoots, a volcanic eruption of cum streams down Mowgli’s cheeks and into his throbbing crack. Daguy gives the kid a deep romantic kiss that has his head spinning, just to keep his new bottom on his toes…

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