Raunchy Bastards – That Ass Is Feelin’ Good

Raunchy Bastards – That Ass Is Feelin’ Good


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Trevor Hardman gets a crack at Logan Pines’ ass in this hot fuck scene. Trevor had been hanging out with me when Logan called and said that he needed some money. Luckily for Logan, Trevor is always ready to go. Plus, Trevor knows how to fuck. Pairing Logan and his luscious hole with Trevor and his always-ready dick led to one hot session.The action begins with Trevor sucking off Logan before they get into a 69 to pleasure each other orally. After getting each others’ dicks wet, Logan hops on Trevor’s cock. Now, Logan is great at riding. He’s a runner, and even competed in high school, so his legs are strong. That, combined with a great feeling asshole, gives Trevor a lot of enjoyment as Logan bounces up and down on his dick. It really seems that Logan can’t get enough.After getting pummeled by Trevor’s cock, Logan gets submissively into doggie position awaiting some more. Trevor gives it to him, alright, and he is definitely excited by Logan’s beautiful bubble butt. Logan at this point seems to be trying to hide his face from the camera – probably because he loves it so much and he knows that the camera can catch the expressions on his face. However, when he begins to do this, it is on to missionary.After some more slam fucking with Logan on his back, Trevor can’t hold back anymore. He dumps a nice load on Logan’s blown-out hole, and Logan just smiles. After the scene, he joked that he was going to be using some of his “dick sucking money” to take a girl that he met online out on real date. We can’t help but wonder if his butt is still going to be sore, or if he’s going to be thinking about Trevor’s cock during that dinner. At any rate, it’s obvious that Logan is still one of the reigning power bottoms here in this bedroom.

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