Raunchy Bastards – Teen Fest – Clay, Dallas Ari and Troy Barrett

Raunchy Bastards – Teen Fest – Clay, Dallas Ari and Troy Barrett


RELEASE DATE:6 September 2022
SIZE: 745 MB


It’s not often this daddy gets to have the pleasure of two smooth teens on a weekday night. Thankfully, one of my regulars, Dallas Ari, brought a friend with him. Troy is shy and not nearly a nympho like Dallas is, but having two nice asses to play with more than made up for Troy’s shyness. In fact, it was sort of endearing. After a brief introduction, we were all making out on the bed. I love how sensual both of these guys are. They love caressing and kissing. Total people pleasers, both of them. It didn’t take long before I had them both ass-up on the edge of the bed, and I went back and forth rimming each of them. It was like a teenage ass buffet! Now I know that Dallas loves my dick, so I gave it to him first. While I was fucking Dallas, Troy and I made out. I even ate Troy’s ass out with him sitting on my face while Dallas was riding my dick. They were kissing while I was tonguing one hole and fucking another. That was out of sight!

I fucked Troy next. He’s not especially into guys, and although he seems good on the kissing and dick sucking, he definitely has about zero experience getting fucked. That’s definitely hot when an 18 year old is letting you use his practically virgin ass. I fucked him longer than I think he’d had anything up there before, and he was making out with Dallas all the while. He did get sore after a point, though. Luckily, I was able to just move on to Dallas’s eager hungry hole again. I fucked Dallas very hard and very deep, until I was almost close. Then, I lined them up on the bed and came in both of their open mouths. Definitely nice to add a third wheel into the mix occasionally!

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